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Zondervan is the home video division of Zondervan Publishing, a Christian media publishing company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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Logo: We pan through two strange CGI shapes, one red and one blue, followed by several yellow shapes. As we pan back, they are revealed to be the word "Zondervan" with an image of a wall of fire on top of a pool of water to its left (a HarperCollins Publishers logo), which appear to be moving but take on more solid colors shortly after. The logo scrolls up to make room for a gray TV tube shape, and some sparkles write a blue paintbrushed "Z" on it. Then, the words "VIDEO", in gray, flip out onto the Z one-by-one.

Technique: The panning, the Z being drawn on, "VIDEO" flipping in; decent quality CGI for 1987.

Music/Sounds: A loud jet engine-like sound coupled with a synth fanfare with drums, ending with a high synth as the TV tube appears with five deep descending synths as "VIDEO" flips in.

Availability: Rare. It was only seen on Quigley's Village tapes.

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