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ZaraVisión is a local TV station from the autonomous region of Aragon in Spain.



Logo: Over a stock red background, consisting of a red sky with a linear, diagonally-tilted red floor, there is the red text "Zv" with a blue-bordered eye shown over the "v", having three lines above. Below is the 3D text "ZaraVision" in blue, with a silver border. After a few seconds, the logo and the text rotate, with the logo moving to the right side, and the letters of the text having a slow, swaying rotation. This repeats again for the rest of the minute.

Variant: In several occasions (such as in the only capture of the logo above), the logo is cut-short by a promo of the station, before resuming.

Technique: Basic CGI effects.

Music/Sounds: A looped electronic keyboard rhythm with a two-chord progression. Briefly near the end, another section with strings is heard.

Availability: Extinct.

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