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(December 24, 1971)

Logo: On a dark blue, cloudy background, we see parts of a triangle zooming straight at the viewer. After, a Medusa-like head suddenly zooms in, while the word "zafes" in a bold font appears. "PRESENTA", also in a bold font then appears with a wipe effect.

Trivia: The medusa-like symbol is known as the triskeles, which is also the symbol used on the flag of Sicily.

Technique: A mix of live action and motion-control animation.

Music/Sounds: A bell/gong noise at the start, with a theme that goes from quiet to very loud, and when the head appears, a multitude of zaps, ending with another bell/gong noise.

Availability: Extremely rare, this was seen on Siamo tutti in libertà provvisoria.

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