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Yle Teema was a Finnish culture-themed television channel operated by Yle, the national public TV broadcaster of Finland. The channel was launched on August 27, 2001 along with YLE FST and YLE24 under its original name YLE Teema. It provided documentaries, international movies and music-related programs. YLE Teema also held programming segments featuring movies almost every day of the week (Uusi Kino, Keskiviikon Kino, Kino Suomi, Perjantain Kino, Teemalauantai and Kino Klassikko), each one presenting their specific themed movies. On March 5, 2012, the channel was renamed Yle Teema as the result of the company's brand change. On October 25, 2016, it was confirmed that Yle Teema and all its programs would be moved from the seventh channel slot to the fifth one alongside Yle Fem and on April 24, 2017, Yle Teema and Fem was founded.

1st Logo (August 27, 2001-2006)

Logo: TBA

Technique: TBA

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: TBA

2nd Logo (2006-March 4, 2012)

Logo: On a white background, some yellow paint splashes from the right side of the screen with a small amount of it appearing on the bottom side. The paint keeps spreading forward slowly with another amount of paint splashing on the top left corner of the screen. More paint spreads from the right side, while the first splotch of paint quickly dissolves from the screen. After another paint splash happens on the bottom left corner, the word "teema" (theme"" in Finnish) in a stylized font fades in letter-by-letter (from the right to the left) on the center, and a small brownish splotch of paint spreads from the "a".


  • There's another variant similar to the normal one, but we see a paint spot on the channel logo, above the "a".
  • Another, shorter variant features some purple
paint spreading on the screen.
  • Yet another color variant exists with some cyan paint spreading on the white background and a paint spot appearing above the "a".
  • A different type of variant features different colored paint spots popping in on a white background ("|YLE| Teema" can also be spotted on the bottom of the screen throught the logo animation), as the camera is tilting horizontally. With the spots slowly growing larger, four different colored lines weave themselves between the paint spots and some also twist through each other. We then cut to multiple sketchy triangles turning straight for a better view, as it cuts to a closeup of the turning triangles. We then see several sketchy blue and purple diamonds popping in and turning straight for a better view, and the scene cuts to a closeup shot of the diamonds turning to the side and disappearing, as two green and blue lines weave themselves in from left and right with multiple paint spots flipping around for a better view or being drawn in as outlines. As the lines collide with each other, they form a sketchy "teema" in many colors.

Technique: The paint spreading on the white background, the small brownish splotch.

Music/Sounds: A smooth ambient synth theme; each variant has a slightly different tune for it.

Availability: Extinct on TV. Each variant could be spotted prior to the next program.

3rd Logo (March 5, 2012-April 24, 2017)

Logo: On a yellow and orange background, we see multiple blurry plates moving around the screen and an unknown object flying around, while drawing a white circle and leaving a trail behind. Both the white line and trail soon disappear as the object continues flying. We then see a white, blurry object revolving around the screen and coming into focus, revealing itself to be the word "yle" in a transparent font inside a white rounded square and "TEEMA" right at the center of the screen. We can also see other blurry plates and the white line disappearing on the background.

Variants: Sometimes, different clips will play instead of the orange background.

  • Ballerina: The camera focuses on a grasshopper with an orange light spot on it and a rocky surface below it, before the grasshopper starts to make a single leap in slow-motion. It then cuts to a farther shot with a ballerina in orange leaping over the same surface, along with a shot of the Earth in the distance. Several white, blurry objects then revolve around the screen for a second, all before coming into focus to reveal the Yle logo and "TEEMA" to the right of it. At the same time it forms, an orange ring of messy strokes forms around it.
  • Flower: A flower opens up in various speeds, slowly revealing a human figure wavering around in a room with a spotlight. The logo also comes in earlier and has the same speed pattern as the flower, with a large orange splotch formed in the middle of the screen.
  • Underwater: A frog is seen on the curb of an street in what appears to be an American city. It then leaps into the puddle below, where the scene transitions to a diver entering the water below. The camera then pans to an skyline resembling London and a jellyfish pulsating a orange glow. The logo forms the same way as usually, with orange bubbles emerging from behind it.
  • Tree: A shot of a woman's head is seen revolving on the bottom of the screen, being in the same room from "Flower". A tree then starts to grow from the top of her head, staring with the stump and ending with white leaves. The letters revolve around as usual and the leaves turn orange, mostly covered by a messy orange splotch.
  • Harbor: We see a stage performance during the evening time with the main singer jumping off the stage. We then quickly transition to a shot of a harbor with a shooting star seen flying through the sky. As this happens, the Yle logo and "TEEMA" appear on the screen. Right after that, we see messy orange and red lines flying right past the harbor, while almost covering the entire screen.

Technique: The actions in the background mixed with live-action and CGI, the letters revolving.

Music/Sounds: An ambient tune, different for each of the variants.

Availability: Extinct. These were usually for transition idents. The main logo was used as both startup and closedown ident.

Final Note: Most of the variants seen on the 3rd logo were remade and used during program announcements on Yle Teema & Fem.

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