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Oy Filmiteollisuus Fine Ab or Filmiteollisuus Fine in short, was an Finnish TV and later film production company founded in 1995, that originally focused on documentaries and talk show programs. Towards the end of 90's, Filmiteollisuus Fine then started producing number of entertainment shows such as sketch shows like Paristo, Jopet Show, Ihmisten puolue and animated satires like The Autocrats (Itse valtiaat) and Jefferson Anderson (Pasila). Filmiteollisuus Fine produced also the program known as Maailman pisin talkshow, which reached the Guinness World record for the longest simultaneously hosted talk show at the time. Around 2002, Filmiteollisuus bought previously recuracted Funny-Films Oy from MTV Oy. In January 2, 2013, the production company ceased to exist after being fused into the newly founded parent company Yellow Film & TV. The symbol of the company's logo is toco toucan (Ramphastos toco) with black and white/yellow beak.

Filmiteollisuus Fine

1st Logo (1995-April 6, 2009)

Logo: In a dark blue background, we see a huge orange circle representing the Sun on the horizon, which is an ocean. In both the left and right sides of the screen, there are palm trees, revealing that the location is a beach. We see a toucan flying between the trees towards the left side of the sun, but it would disappear, making the sun become smaller and rising to it's finished position while the text "FILMITEOLLISUUS" rotates, with the toucan reappearing on top of it. Some clouds would appear in the background as well. The toucan turns to face the viewer and clicks the beak, with the text shining.


  • Strangely one episode of Kurkistus documentary program has the logo beginning with black and white setting as colors quickly fade-in back.
  • Widescreen variant of the original long variant exists with above and bottom parts of the screen being cut.
  • Starting around 2001, abridged variant is more commonly used where the first five seconds are cut out. Even shorter variant has only the beak clicking animation seen from the end of the logo.
  • Much like original variant, there also exists separate widescreen variant for abridged logo with above and bottom parts of the screen cut.
  • Abridged variant also tends to be stretched from its original 4:3 to widescreen format.
  • The fourth season of Jopet Show has abridged variant zoomed out and centered in the middle of the black background. The logo's circumference is delimited by a round edge.
  • In Tohtori Kiminkinen, the logo animation skips the first few seconds with toucan already seeing flying in far distance before the logo is slowly forming on the beach scenery.

Technique: Beach setting at night time, fading text and the toucan itself.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Abridged variant with sound has only the beak clicking and three piano notes.
  • Much shows and programs produced in 2000's have none or the end-title theme from any show. The Autocrats has random sound effect related to each episode or fart noise being heard right when the toucan is clicking its beak.
  • In Jopet Show, we hear an announcement "Jope on poistunut studiosta." (Translated as "Jope has left the studio.") The line was originally spoken by Mika Räinä, while later on Jope Ruonansuu himself says the line from 3rd season forward.

Availability: Rare.

  • The original full variant is quite hard to find nowadays, as it is for the most part featured in its early documentaries and programs from the 90's such as Kurkistus and Sexodus.
  • Abridged variant with sound is not easy to find as well, as it is seen in Videotreffit.
  • Pertsa ja Kilu mini-series from 2000 has the full variant on widescreen and it is intact in the DVD release. Abridged variant on widescreen is seen in 'The Autocrats from 6th season onwards.
  • Lots of shows featured the later abridged variant such as The Autocrats and Eläinopissa.
  • First two seasons of Jefferson Anderson and the first season of Ihmisten puolue had occacionally included the stretched widescreen variant.

2nd Logo (December 26, 2008-December 17, 2012)

Logo: TBA


  • The movie variant with wide 2.39:1 aspect ratio features the toucan descending from the top of the screen. Regular widescreen variant of this also exists displaying the rest of the background above and below.
  • Opening variant has the glossy toucan and "FILMITEOLLISUUS" appear on the screen from left to right for a moment before they disappear to the dark background.
  • Finnish drama series Parasta aikaa had small website URL pasted below.

Technique: Beach background, toucan itself and approaching golden letters.

Music/Sounds: None or the end-title theme from any show.

Availability: Uncommon.

  • First appeared in crime film Blackout, that has the widescreen 2.39:1 variant. This variant with toucan descending from the top is also found in the first season of Roba.
  • Opening variant is only seen in Ihmebantu.
  • Regular variant is relatively seen in numerous tv shows like later seasons of Jopet-Show, the 2nd season of Ihmisten puolue, Hilander-TV and Virta.

Yellow Film & TV

In 2008, Yellow Film & TV was founded as the parent company for Filmiteollisuus Fine, that was merged into the parent company around January 2, 2013. Filmiteollisuus Fine was then only used as an auxiliary business name for the tv production division of Yellow Film & TV.

1st Logo (January 17, 2011-February 12, 2015)

Logo: Same as the previous logo except now we see stacked, golden "YELLOW FILM & TV" approach below the toucan symbol.


  • Tuomas Enbuske Talk Show and Roba feature afterwards separate variant, that is techincally shown after the previous "Filmiteollisuus" logo. As the previous logo fades out quickly, static toucan symbol with large stacked "YELLOW FILM & TV GROUP" fades in to the black background. In Tuomas Enbuske Talk Show, the logo and stacked text are zoomed in closer.
  • There's basic variant, where the golden toucan symbol and "YELLOW FILM & TV" with glossy effect are placed higher up on the black background. We see the entirety for a while before it fades out the screen.

Technique: Same as the previous logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo.

Availability: Not as common compared the next logo to certain extend.

  • First seen in the 3rd season of Jefferson Anderson, it is also featured in first two seasons of Pasila 2.5 – The Spin-Off where it is intact in DVD releases. Coincidentally, the previously mentioned show was also the last show, where the logo was used. Other shows like the first season of Syke, the 1st season of Siskonpeti and early episodes of Yleleaks feature this logo as well.
  • The basic variant is seen in movies such as Once Upon a Time in the North (Härmä).
  • Starting on March 28, 2012, Tuomas Enbuske Talk Show featured both the previous logo and afterwards shown alternate variant. This variant is also spotted in the first season of Roba.
  • Don't except to see this logo in both 2011 film Risto and its televised miniseries, as the miniseries only features Story Of logo at the end.

2nd Logo (September 27, 2014- )

Logo: TBA


  • Between September 27, 2014 and March 8, 2015, Yleleaks featured the early variant of the logo featuring toucan sitting in the middle of the clean white background and the logo already being visible. The toucan's beak movement is slightly slower and smoother compared to the final logo.
  • Abridged variant has the toucan landing on the sea mine and clicking its beak.
  • The long variant with wide 2.39:1 aspect ratio exists.
  • Few programs like Yleleaks have the toucan landing and then moving its beak rapidly while quoting a line or random sound clip from said program. Right after this, toucan then clicks its beak.

Technique: White sea background, the animated toucan and sea mine without outlines.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The early variant has only brief ocean sound and the toucan clicking its beak. Some episodes of the Yleleaks also have random sound clip saying "Hyvää!" ("Good!") when toucan is about click its beak, while later episodes that have the final, full logo, have toucan then spouting "Kuinka hyvää!" ("How good!") after landing to the sea mine.
  • Abridged variant does not have the background music and relies on sounds of sea waves, toucan flapping its wings and the beak clicking.
  • Some episodes of Siskonpeti have different sound patterns such as the first episode having the toucan silencing women screaming in the background with its generic bird sound effect (There are no sea waves heard in the background) and the sixth episode having the beak clicking being replaced with slurping and coffee cup's clatter sounds.

Availability: Common.

  • First seen in Yleleaks, that featured the early variant of the logo and is currently unavailable on the internet. It was then replaced by the final, full logo in March 14, 2015.
  • Full variant is seen three last seasons of Pasila 2.5 – The Spin-Off and later on the third season of Kimmo and the 2nd and 3rd seasons of Syke.
  • The abridged variant is being used more commonly than the full variant such as the second season of Kimmo that started airing on November 6, 2014. It was originally seen in first episode of Pasila 2.5 – The Spin-Off from the 3rd season before being slowly replaced by full variant, the 2nd season of Siskonpeti, Rattikärpäset, Arctic Circle (Ivalo) and Mitä mietit, Ronja Salmi?.
  • The long variant with wide 2.39:1 aspect ratio is found in movies such as Napapiirin sankarit 2, Napapiirin sankarit 3 (Two sequels of Lapland Odyssey) and 95. Silent variant of this 2.39:1 logo with film soundtrack playing on the background is also featured in the film Supercool.
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