Yellow Bird

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Descriptions by
LJK193 and Camenati

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Video captures courtesy of
LogicSmash, Logo Archive, and EliotSilver PVP


Yellow Bird is a Swedish film and television company that was founded in 2003. The company was sold to Zodiak Entertainment in 2007.

(January 14, 2005- )

Logo: A round-shaped yellow bird with headphones stands next to the text "Yellow Bird" appears stacked. Depending on the movie, the bird performs various activities:

  • Wallander (TV series) - The bird just stands until the opening hatch sound is heard somewhere. Then he produces a pistol and points it at the left.
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (trilogy) - The bird, now has a dragon tattoo, is smoking a cigarette. He puts the cigarette out and steps on it. Then he jumps and does a roundhouse kick, knocking over the "D" in "bird" and knocking back the "W" in "Yellow". Then he turns around and picks up the "D".
  • Newer films made since 2012: The bird works at the laptop, when part of the "e" is destroyed. The scared bird jumps back to the text, looking around, and drags the laptop closer.


  • Before 2007: None.
  • 2007-2010: "A Zodiak Entertainment Company" or "A Zodiak Television Company"
  • 2010-2012: "part of zodiak media group"
  • 2013-2016: "a zodiak media company"
  • 2017-2020: "we are banijay"
  • 2020-: "A Banijay Company"


  • Sometimes, this logo can share the screen with other logos.
  • A still version of this logo exists where the text is 2D and the yellow bird isn't moving.
  • A print version of this logo exists.
  • There is a version exists where the text appears in either grey or yellow unstacked reading like this "YellowBird" and the same yellow bird appears standing next to the text.
  • Another version has it without the bird.

Technique: Really neat CGI.

Music/Sounds: The sound of the bird jumping and other actions, none or the ending theme of the show for the still version.

Availability: Seen on the Swedish The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, the Wallander franchise including the UK adaptation and Young Wallander, and other Swedish films and television series.

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