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Descriptions by
lukesams, KeepItWeird, and lovelogos

Captures by
l0gocrazed, and KeepItWeird

Editions by
l0gocrazed, lovelogos, and lukesams


These are the IDs used by Canadian TV channel YTV, launched on September 1, 1988.

1st Logo (September 1, 1988-1990)

Logo: There are two variations of this logo:

  • On a space background, parts of a ornate circle turned on its side slowly flies into place from all sides of the screen. A layer of "glass" flies in from the bottom and settles itself on the circle. Then the circle rotates to face us, and we see the YTV text rotate in as well. The text "Young As You Are!" writes itself on the logo.
  • Same concept as the "Young as You Are" logo, but this time the background is a time-lapse video of clouds (a la Warner Home Video) and this time the text is "The Youth Channel" in a different font.


  • Sometimes, there is no text writing itself on the finished logo.
  • Sometimes, only the tail end of the logo plays.
  • One version had "Canada's Youth Channel" writing itself on.

Technique: Excellent CGI for the time.

Music/Sounds: A light synth tune with three bells and a synth bass sounder at the end. On the earliest versions (circa 1988), an electric guitar riff played at the beginning.

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: This is a very neat and professional logo for its time.

2nd Logo (1989-1991)

Logo: On a sky background, we see a red block being cut into pieces by lasers. As they seperate, we see parts of a giant circle come together and circular lights circling them. At the same time, the red blocks form the YTV logo (which is the same logo as before, with a slighly different arrangement) and they rotate to face us while the circle gets its "glass" covering and IT rotates to face us. While it's doing that, a triangle (upside down) with the words "THE SPIRIT OF" flies in from the bottom right. As the "glass" covering on the circle gets its "shines", the word "YOUTH", in neon green, writes itself on the triangle, under the "THE SPIRIT OF" text.


  • The sky sometimes varies. From 1989-1991, it used a dark blue sky background. In 1991, the sky turned sunset orange.
  • Sometimes, there is no triangle with text accompanying the logo. Sometimes, the tail end (where the YTV text forms itself) plays, cutting out the lasers.
  • Sometimes, a still logo is shown.

Technique: See 1st logo.


  • 1989-1991: A light synth theme with the three bells and a synth flourish at the end plays, just like the first ID.
  • 1991: A re-arranged version of the theme, this time with an electric guitar and no bells at the end.

Availability: Extinct. Check your old tapes.

Legacy: This is a very clean logo.

3rd Logo (1991-1995)

Logo: See Variants.


  • Globe: We see a spinning globe while some tribal music plays. Then, the globe slows down, revealing the words "YTV" on it. This ID was later updated in 1995 and still aired until early-1999.
  • Robot Ballet: We see a robot dancing (that has the words "YTV" on it) dances at a ballet studio, then it pirouettes to the center and bows.
  • Paint: The YTV text gets splattered with paint.
  • Snow Man: We see a elf running into a path with snowmen in the background, until he gets hit by a snowball, looks back to said snowmen, and walks away, revealing the snowmen giggling back, pulling up a sign with "Happy Holidays from YTV" on it. This ID also had a variant in 1995 with robots in place of snowmen.
  • Snow Angel: We see 3 figures, each colored in red, blue and green, playfully running in a snow field, until throwing themselves into the snow, forming a snow angel in the shape of the YTV logo.
  • Rain: We see a desert, then a rain cloud appears and makes some rain. The rain forms the YTV text and goes away, causing plants to grow.
  • Boomerang: A boy decides to use the Y from the text as a boomerang, then he throws it into space, and the boy puts the Y back.
  • Cards: We see some flipping cards in different colors. Then the cards stop, forming the YTV logo.
  • Skull: The camera zooms around a YTV skull.
  • Dinosaur: A girl has a YTV dinosaur for a pet.
  • Nap: A YTV poster is sleeping. A record player playing rock music wakes it up, however.
  • Viking Opera: A Viking sings opera and gets a red YTV tissue on her mouth.
  • Scribbles: The YTV logo is illustrated with scribbles.
  • Blender: A YTV blender spins around.
  • Chair: A YTV chair moves around.
  • Toaster: A YTV toaster pops out toast saying "We'll be right back."

Trivia: The music in "Globe" is a sample of "Jenjela Runyenje" by the National Percussion Group of Kenya. The song is also sampled on the soundtracks of the games Sonic Rush ("Jeh Jeh Rocket") and Crash Bandicoot ("The Great Gate/Native Fortress").

Technique: See Variants. Most of these IDs were done at Big-Blue-Dot in Boston, MA.

Music/Sounds: It depends on the variant.

Availability: Extinct, as tape trading is the only way to see it.

4th Logo (1995-2000)

Logo: We see an event happening that eventually leads to a creature with the YTV logo on it appearing. This is sometimes preceded by an animation of the words "Keep It Weird" zooming in and out over a green swirly background.

Variants (IDs):

  • Fly: A YTV fly buzzes around, and then it throws up on the screen.
  • Basketball: A YTV basketball turns into a square.
  • Chair: An updated version of the YTV chair crashes into a field and a stop sign, and onto a road.
  • Beetle: A beetle with the YTV logo on it explores a museum, and finds out he's on a TV at the museum.
  • Hot Rod: A YTV car jumps around, then licks the screen.
  • Nose Gum: A student tries to get some YTV gum of of his nose, but he can't.
  • Sticky Gum: A boy is chewing gum, and the teacher says to "hand it over". The boy pulls out his gum, making the kids feel disgusted. He pulls out even more gum, and even the teacher gets disgusted. Then the word "YTV" appears on the gum.
  • Robot: A robot with the YTV logo flies around in space. First aired 1999.
  • Spring Helmet: A helmet with the YTV logo on it attached to a spring gets stuck to the ground and pulls itself up. First aired 1998. Shorter version aired 1999.
  • Electric Snail: A snail with electricity flowing through its shell looks around then jumps to the sound of an old phone. First aired 1998.
  • Octopus: An octopus with the YTV logo on it falls to the ground. First aired 1996.
  • Skull: An updated version of the YTV skull laughs at us. Aired during Halloween.
  • Skate: A YTV skateboard spins around.

Variants (Bumpers):

  • Dog: A dog takes off his head, says "yoo-hoo" and puts it back. Then a YTV scorpion appears.
  • Nose Push: A girl's teeth turn into piano keys, mouths appear on her face, and she turns into a machine. Then a YTV scorpion appears.
  • Caveman: A caveman rubs a stick near a fire.....until some steam turns it into a weird thing. Then the words "Keep it Weird" and a YTV fly appear.
  • Egg: A chicken's egg hatches into a chef with a chicken, causing the chicken to fall down. Then a YTV Hot Rod car appears.
  • Apple: A teacher eats an apple (and the worm in it!). Then the words "Keep it Weird" and a YTV scorpion appear.
  • Kites: The kites of two boys get into a fight. Then a YTV scorpion appears.
  • Car Wash: Girls activate a giant car wash (one of them has a washing machine). Then the words "Keep it Weird" and a YTV robot appear.
  • Hair Salon Series: Someone at a hair salon has something odd happen to their hair/head every time.
  • Nobody's Nerd: A boy drinks a milkshake with a girl and now he's "nobody's nerd". Then the words "Keep it Weird" and a YTV robot appears. First aired 1999.
  • Rose's Nose: A clip of a girl with a hose for a nose, followed by the YTV robot. First aired 1999.
  • Living in a Twister: The clip shows conjoined siblings living inside of a twister. Then a YTV robot appears. First aired 1999.
  • Jack in the Box: Two people twist a jack-in-the-box and a human head pops out. Then a YTV robot appears. First aired 1999.
  • Ceiling: Someone opens a can of soda (pop) and literally 'pops' to the ceiling. Then a YTV robot appears. First aired 1999.
  • Vacuum Dog: A boy feeds treats to a vacuum that acts like a dog. Then a YTV robot appears. First aired 1999.
  • Rocket Powered Leech: A leech with a jet pack flies around in a security cage. Then a YTV robot appears. First aired 1999.
  • Hot...?: A boiling green substance in a security cage. Followed by the YTV robot. First aired in 1999.

Technique: Mostly CGI animation or clay animation.

Music/Sounds: It depends on the variant.

  • The 1998-1999 idents use an eerie, space-like theme.
  • The 1999-2000 idents use Klaxon car horn and boing sounds, accompanied by an announcer saying "Keep it weird on YTV!".
  • The Electric Snail variant uses a high-pitched laughing sound and a telephone ringing.

Availability: Again, extinct. Tape trading is the only way to see it.

Legacy: The creature designs, sounds, and "Keep It Weird" zooming in may be frightening to some, but it is a favorite for those who grew up watching YTV.

5th Logo (2000-Early 2006)

Logo: See Variants.

Variants (IDs):

  • Three Eyes: A monster with three eyes and the YTV logo swings back and forth before landing on the ground. First aired 2000.
  • Rattle Runner: A green monster with the YTV logo on its side runs and then trips. It then jumps back up and rattles its tail. First aired 2000.
  • Opera: A monster with two mouths and the YTV logo sings an opera. First aired 2000.
  • Sick: A monster with the YTV logo flies and sneezes. First aired 2000.

Variants (Bumpers):

  • Balloon Alien: A n alien inflates and deflates; followed by the Three Eyes. First aired 2000.
  • Gassy DJ: A monster disk jockey with lots of gas plays with turn tables; followed by the Rattle Runner. First aired 2000.
  • Show Off Robot: A robot shows off it's parts; followed by the Three Eyes. First aired 2000.
  • Eye Hammers: A creature with several eye holes plays 'Whack-A-Mole' with its eyes; followed by the Sick. First aired 2000.
  • Yo-Yo: A creature with several arms uses its head as a yo-yo; followed by the Three Eyes. First aired 2000.
  • Birthday Cake: A person inhales their birthday cake; followed by the Sick.

Technique: 2D, CGI, stop-motion or live-action animation.

Music/Sounds: It depends on the variant.

Availability: Same as the last two logos.

6th Logo (2006-2010)

Logo: See Variants.


  • Generic: Same as the 2006 YTV Originals logo, but the byline is absent.
  • Curling: A girl is playing curling, until a giant YTV logo destroys the game.
  • Dog: A guy is playing fetch with his dog, using a YTV ball.
  • Burp: A girl drinks up a YTV soda and burps, causing a wreck.
  • Shield: A boy uses the YTV logo as a shield. Godzilla: A giant YTV logo terrorizes a city.
  • Indiana Jones: The Indiana Jones "boulder" scene is parodied with the YTV logo as the boulder.
  • Bubblegum: Two girls blow YTV bubbles over a lake.
  • UFO: An UFO invades a town, and the YTV logo.
  • 2008 Olympics: A boy is in the center of a snowy stadium, spinning a black rope with the YTV logo (at the time) on it. As he lets go of the rope, the boy hits his head on the snow and flies (due to the rope being tied to his foot). As the boy is screaming, we get a close-up then it cuts back to the snowy-filled stadium and the YTV logo appears as it hitted the snow. The boy falls on the YTV logo (causing it to tilt), then it goes back to being straight as the boy falls head first onto the snow. This variant is presumably used during the 2008 China Summer Olympics, and this variant can be seen here.

Technique: CGI animation done by Tennant McKay in Johannesburg, ZA.

Music/Sounds: It depends on the variant.

Availability: Again, extinct. Check your old tapes.

7th Logo (2010-2014)


8th Logo (October 7, 2014-)


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