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Launched on September 1, 1988 (sharing with Family Channel, VisionTV, and The Weather Network), YTV was the successor to two prior special programming services operated by various Ontario cable companies beginning in the late 1970s. They did not use a logo until Deke Wilson's Mini-Mysteries premiered in 1989. The two largest shareholders in YTV were two cable companies: Rogers Cable and a company known as CUC Broadcasting, which would later be acquired by Shaw Communications.

By 1995, through various acquisitions and trades, Shaw had secured full control of YTV; it was spun off as part of Corus Entertainment in 1999. YTV has become a sister channel to Treehouse TV, the youngest of the Corus Kids subdivisions, along with Teletoon being in the middle, until the launches of Canadian versions of Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD in 2015, as the new youngest ones. The network is primarily aimed at preadolescents and young adolescents aged 8-15.

1st Logo (1989-1991)

Logo: On a black background, we see a slanted window painted in with blue borders. Inside the window is a very fuzzy gray/black TV screen with the red words "YTV" in it. The YTV letters receive a black shadow.

Trivia: This was also used at the end of YTV commercials from 1989-1991.

Variant: A rare in-credit version exists.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Extremely rare, although this logo was never seen in the United States during the time of the debut.

  • Seen on DVD sets of The Adventures of the Black Stallion (Canadian print), as well as other YTV shows such as Maniac Mansion, Deke Wilson's Mini Mysteries and Dog House.
  • When Family Channel (now Freeform) began running The Adventures of the Black Stallion in the 1990s, the YTV logo never appeared, as the Alliance & Atlantique logos were sped up. Instead, Family Channel's logo appeared, even though that logo played over the closing of The Adventures of the Black Stallion; this variant also appeared when Canada's Showcase channel reran the show in the mid-2000s.
  • It was considered extinct when The Adventures of the Black Stallion stopped being rerun on television until the most recent DVD releases came out, which retained the logo.

2nd Logo (1991-1993)

Logo: On a black background, we see a bunch of neon rainbow rectangles flying in different directions in trails. The YTV logo is seen in black, but when the trails pass by, the YTV letters disappear, blending in with the background. There are 5 rainbow trails: The first one is yellow with orange, the second is orange with light blue, the third is magenta with yellow, the fourth is green with light purple, and the last trail is in blue with light yellow, forming the YTV letters in red. For the most part, only the logo's final part was used as a closing logo.

Variant: On Are You Afraid of the Dark?, "PRODUCED IN ASSOCIATION WITH" is shown above the YTV logo. This version is also cut short, showing only the blue and yellow rectangles forming the logo.

Technique: 2D animation.


  • 1991-92: A synthesized three-note piano tune with bells played over it, which was also used for YTV's Coming Up Next bumpers from 1991-93.
  • 1992-93: A female choir singing with dreamy music, which is also heard when used as an on-air ID.
  • Sometimes, none or the end theme of the series.

Availability: Extremely rare.

  • Seen on early episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? in the Amazon DVD-on-demand release; they used to show this in Canada as one of YTV's bumpers.
  • It was also spotted on the Canadian DVD releases of The Adventures of the Black Stallion episodes from 1991-93. It was probably replaced by the 1995 logo (with Corus byline) on many shows.
  • The versions with music were extinct, as they were seen on Canadian prints of Shining Time Station and Lamb Chop's Play-Along.
  • Strangely enough, this logo was appears on some Kids and Teens TV airings of Lamb Chop's Play-Along, including the episodes "The Ring" and "Have I Got A Girl For You". The shortened version can also be found on early VHS releases of The Big Comfy Couch.

3rd Logo (1993-1995)

Logo: On a black background, we see a purple CGI television set with green buttons on the right side of it. Inside the TV screen is an orange background with the white letters "YTV", with "T" and "V" on the left, and arranged on top of each other which is in fact the text from the second logo. The YTV text then rumbles out of the screen to cover up most of the TV set.

Variant: On Are You Afraid of the Dark? and The Big Comfy Couch, the text "Produced in association with" is seen above in white.

Technique: Early CGI.


  • 1993-94: A boing sound.
  • 1994-95: A click and a James Brown-esque scream from a group of female singers (taken from Best Service's Hallelujah and Voice Spectral Vol. 1 sample libraries), followed by a girl saying "No problem."
  • Like the last logo, it's sometimes the end theme of the series or silence.

Music/Sounds Variant: On early episodes of The Big Comfy Couch, a different boing is used with children laughing.

Availability: Rare.

  • It appears on Are You Afraid of the Dark? on the CreateSpace DVD release and occasional airings on TeenNick's NickSplat.
  • In Canada, it can be found on the YTV print of the Christmas special Christopher the Christmas Tree. Usually replaced in Canada by the 4th logo with the Corus byline. Toonami's airings of ReBoot from the era also had this logo.

4th Logo (1995-October 21, 2007)

Logo: On a black background, we see the same television set as before, except the design of the set looks slightly different. The text "YTV", arranged the same way as before but looking a little different font-wise, rapidly zooms out from the right and smashes into the TV set, making the TV set "lean back". The TV then comes into place, now with the YTV text in the screen of the set.

Trivia: This was actually the 1995-2000 YTV logo. A new logo between 2000-06 was used as the channel's official logo. However, this logo remained to be used as a closing logo through 2007.


  • 1997-1999: "A SHAW) Company" with "SHAW)" being the 1997-2012 Shaw logo and the rest being in Garamond font. It either cuts or fades in.
  • 1999-2002: The Corus logo with "A CORUS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" next to it in two lines. This byline slides up from the bottom.
  • 2000-2007: "A COrUs Entertainment Company", with "COrUs" in its corporate font. This byline blurs in.
  • 2006?-2007: "A COrUs ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY", with "COrUs" in its corporate font. The byline blurs in a different way.
  • The logo is bylineless on some shows mostly from the Shaw era. When this variant was used in the Corus era, the Corus Entertainment logo follows this logo.


  • On season 1 of Beast Wars, later episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Urban Vermin, The Anti-Gravity Room, Viva Piñata and Edgar and Ellen, "PRODUCED IN ASSOCIATION WITH" appears above the TV set.
  • A variant exists where the logo is up against an orange background with various shapes in the background along with the Shaw byline.
  • Same as as the last one, but on a black background. Seen on Shadow Raiders, season 3 of Beast Wars, and early episodes of Beast Machines: Transformers (plastered by the Sony Pictures Television "Bars of Boredom" logo on the DVD release).
  • On Mission Genesis (known as Deepwater Black in the UK and Canada), the "Produced in association with" variant plays as usual, but afterward, it cuts to the still logo with the 1995 Shaw byline on a black background.
  • Three versions exist: one has the TV slightly tilting back when the words zoom out (1995-2002); another version has the TV jump in the air when hit (1998-2007) and the final version has the TV zoom back further and rushes back quickly (2006?-2007).
  • A weird version exists on Being Ian where the aspect ratio is distorted. The logo starts out stretched, then when the TV jumps in the air, the aspect ratio zooms back and straightens itself (it's really hard to describe).
  • Still versions exist; examples appear on Girlstuff/Boystuff, early episodes of Erky Perky and 2030 CE.
  • The logo can appear in-credit on shows such as Mystery Hunters, Martin Mystery, Xcalibur, Monster Warriors, Dumb Bunnies, Guinevere Jones, Team Galaxy, Moville Mysteries, and The Saddle Club, amongst others.
  • A short version starts off with the TV beginning to land on the ground; spotted on Dark Oracle and Jane and the Dragon.
  • On Chip N’ Orbit, a copyright below reads either © YTV Productions Inc. MM or ©MMI YTV Productions Inc.
  • 16:9 widescreen HD versions exist.
    • One used from 1999-2002, used on season 4 of ReBoot.
    • One where the logo is stretched, seen on episodes 1-19 of Grossology.
    • One where the logo is squished and shortened. Used on Ruby Gloom and Funpak (although the latter was made in 4:3).
    • One where the logo is remastered for widescreen TVs, used on Urban Vermin.
    • And one where the logo is kept as is. Used on season 2 of Zixx, season 1 of Viva Pinata, etc.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the show, or no music at all.

Music/Sound Variants:

  • On The Big Comfy Couch and seasons 1-2 of ReBoot, the audio from the previous logo plays. Season 3 used a short hip-hop tune, which was also used on some episodes of Mission Genesis (known as Deepwater Black in the UK and Canada). As such, it plastered over the previous logo.
  • On Prank Patrol, a cartoonish whack sound is made when the text hits the screen, then a thump when the TV hits the ground.
  • On Radio Active, a quiet whistle is heard playing over the end theme.

Availability: Common in both the U.S. and Canada.

  • In the U.S., it was seen on shows such as Jane and the Dragon on Qubo and earlier episodes of The Big Comfy Couch.
  • In Canada, it was seen on almost all pre-2007 YTV original programming including later episodes of ReBoot, The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, Stickin' Around, the third season of Beast Wars and all of its follow-up Beast Machines, Monster By Mistake, Uh Oh!, Incredible Story Studio, Freaky Stories, Radio Active, Shadow Raiders, The Worst Witch, Anthony Ant, Anatole, I Was a Sixth Grade Alien, System Crash, Mona the Vampire, Watership Down, The Zack Files, Yvon of the Yukon, Seriously Weird, Fries With That?, Timeblazers, Mental Block, Jacob Two-Two, 15/Love, Dark Oracle, earlier episodes of Zixx and Being Ian, Mischief City, Funpak, Brady's Beasts, the first two seasons of Prank Patrol and Captain Flamingo, Jane and the Dragon, Codename: The Boy, Weird Years, the first seasons of both Grossology and Viva Piñata, earlier episodes of Ruby Gloom and many more.
  • The ReBoot variant is scarce, however, and was last seen when aired on Toonami in the US and Teletoon Retro in Canada, and on DVD.
  • It also plastered older YTV logos as well, with its final appearance being on the 6th episode of the first season of Edgar & Ellen.

5th Logo (May 12, 2007-March 16, 2013)

Logo: On a blue and cyan gradient background with revolving white and yellow lines, we see lots of white and blue lines coming together to form a cyan and white circle with "YTV" on it, arranged similarly to the previous logos. A byline appears below.


  • 2007: "A CORUS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" with "CORUS" in its corporate font and in color.
  • 2007-2008: The byline from the previous logo (background and all) is superimposed below the logo.
  • 2007-2013: "A CORUS Entertainment Company" with "CORUS" in its corporate font and in white.


  • Sometimes, "PRODUCED IN ASSOCIATION WITH" is shown above the logo.
  • An early version exists where the byline from the previous logo (background and all) is superimposed below the logo. This can be found on 2007-2008 episodes of Viva Piñata and Nicktoons Network's split-screen credits airings of Edgar and Ellen.
  • In 2007, the YTV logo has a glowing effect. Also, the YTV's logo animation was slightly altered to be longer and is centered.
  • On some shows, "" is below the byline.
  • There was an extended version without a byline used as a station ID. Plus, different color variants exist, including a version with a green background (with an orange YTV logo) and one with an orange background (with a green YTV logo).
  • There's also a variant of the extended version with the Corus byline appearing on some shows such as Rollbots.
  • An in-credit version exists, sometimes in different colors.
  • Some shows feature a still version on a black or white background; examples would be Three Delivery and later episodes of Erky Perky.
  • On Willa's Wild Life and early episodes of Babar and the Adventures of Badou, the "Produced in association with" is shown above the logo.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: None or the ending theme of the show.

Music/Sounds Variant: On Edgar and Ellen and Zeke's Pad, we hear a fast drum tune, covered by laser sounds, and when the logo forms, another laser sound with a note, with a "woo-woo-woo" like sound heard at the end of the logo.

Availability: Common.

  • First seen on the Grossology episode "Silent but Deadly Part 1" and was last seen on Storm Hawks and League of Super Evil on Cartoon Network, Kid vs. Kat on Disney XD and Edgar & Ellen on Nicktoons Network (now Nicktoons) in the United States.
  • However, this is more common in Canada because most cartoons and shows that air on Canada usually carry this logo at the end of most of YTV's post-2007 programming.
  • The early byline variants were seen only on 2007-2008 episodes of Viva Piñata and Edgar and Ellen. The common version also appears on later episodes of Zixx, Grossology and Being Ian, the final two seasons of Prank Patrol, the final season of Captain Flamingo, later episodes of Ruby Gloom, Jibber Jabber, Storm Hawks, Clang Invasion, Will and Dewitt, Monster Buster Club, the first seasons of Kid vs. Kat and League of Super Evil, Willa's Wild Life, RollBots, Family Biz, Pearlie, and Zeke's Pad, among others.
  • When the next logo was introduced, this logo was strangely kept on the first two seasons of Scaredy Squirrel. It also appeared on early episodes of Babar and the Adventures of Badou before being replaced by the next logo.

6th Logo (September 3, 2010-February 1, 2016)


  • 2010-2014: In a blue environment, there are random yellow shapes around the screen moving around. In the space that is being surrounded by the shapes, there are many flying shapes in blue and white. The shapes then collide and form the YTV logo, now fully blue and white, as the text spreads out on it and the screen shakes as it forms with the spikes rotating. The logo rotates as a Corus byline appears below.
  • 2012-2013: The shapes come in as the YTV logo comes in and makes a U-turn like an boomerang and a rectangle comes in and places itself below. Its design is the same as the later version, but the logo has no white bumpers, lacks the Corus byline, the shapes and lighting are different, now at a different angle, and has "ORIGINAL" in a generic font and the rectangle it was on was darker.
  • 2013-2016: In a differently lit blue environment, we see a blue hemisphere with white lines. It zooms out and spins as the yellow shapes, this time different, move into place. The hemisphere then stops spinning and reveals the logo with "ORIGINAL" on a light blue rectangle going under it. There are white borders surrounding it moving positions. Under it is the newer Corus byline.


  • 2010-2014: The full Corus Entertainment logo (in white) and next to it is the text "A Corus Entertainment Inc. Company".
  • 2012-2013: Bylineless.
  • 2013-2016: "A Corus ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" with "Corus" being the 1999-2016 logo and "ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" spaced out.


  • There was a longer version which had a white piece with 8 different colors in it that has the yellow shapes and blue/white pieces surrounding it. Here, the environment has a blue floor and white wall. The camera zooms out as the white piece breaks apart and the yellow shapes place themselves around the team. The rest continues as normal. A version without a byline was used as a station ID, which had also some variations like the characters and the Christmas ones.
  • On some shows, the URL "YTV.COM" fades in next to the byline.
  • An in-credit version can be found on many shows.
  • There was a still version with the logo on a black background.
  • On later episodes of Babar and the Adventures of Badou, the "Produced in Association with" text is above the logo.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: Same as before.

Music/Sounds Variant: On Pet Peeves and the second season of Cache Craze, some whooshing sounds are heard.

Availability: Common.

  • Appeared on Babar and the Adventures of Badou on Disney Junior.
  • Also appeared on all YTV programming from this era including Sidekick, Mr. Young, Almost Naked Animals, Redekai, Life with Boys, the final season of Scaredy Squirrel, Rated "A" for Awesome, Beyblade: Metal Masters and its spin-off BeyWheelz, Cache Craze, Extreme Babysitting, Japanizi: Going, Going, Gong!, and the first seasons of Numb Chucks, Some Assembly Required, Oh No! It's an Alien Invasion and Nerds and Monsters.
  • It was originally thought the logo debuted on the How to be Indie episode "How to Keep Your Cool", but it seemed that the logo was plastered.

7th Logo (2014-April 7, 2017)

Logo: We start with an extreme closeup of the same logo as before, but now it is aquamarine. It zooms back while spinning around until it positions itself in the middle of the screen. An aqua-green banner with the word "ORIGINAL" in white appears below it and the logo zooms at us a bit, all on an entirely white background. The Corus byline fades in below. The logo hovers in mid-air as if it was floating.

Trivia: This logo was made to fit the new rebranding, which occured on October 7, 2014.


  • 2014-2016: "A Corus ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" (same as the previous one, but it's black this time)
  • 2016-April 7, 2017: The byline was updated to contain an updated Corus logo and byline, but unlike most Corus properties (like the ones mentioned below), YTV went ahead and used "Produced in association with Corus." (in black color) instead.
  • On most shows since the Corus byline was updated, the byline "A Corus. COMPANY" (with "Corus." being its current logo) is used. This byline is now in black.

Variant: An in-credit version is used on some shows.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show or whooshing sounds.

Availability: Common.

  • Seen on all of YTV's programming from the time, such as Make It Pop (Nickelodeon airings of that show replace this logo with their logo), The Stanley Dynamic, the second seasons of Numb Chucks, Nerds and Monsters and Some Assembly Required, Driving Me Crazy, Ride, and Tricked.
  • The one with the newer Corus byline can be seen on newer episodes of the aforementioned The Stanley Dynamic.
  • This logo was later replaced by the current Corus logo, along side the removal of the other Corus division logos (Treehouse, Teletoon, Global, ABC Spark, CMT, HGTV and W Network).
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