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XacatraX is a Spanish fanzine founded by Javier Perea. It was initially published when Perea started a collection of horror films he saw while sneaking into theaters restricted to adults only and selling them to others with horror tastes. The name for this magazine came when Perea was searching for the name of an experiment involving extracting souls from living bodies from a movie he watched. Due to the complexity of said word, XacatraX was renamed Imagen Death.


Logo: On a black background, a face with its eyes closed falls from the top, shaking a little bit before facing the screen. A few seconds later, we zoom into what looks like a gray tunnel, which is then revealed to be a syringe as it zooms out and then swiftly flies into the head's eyes. The face, maintaining a blank expression. opens its eyes and looks at the syringe as it flies past a TV set and an axe, eventually stabbing its left eye and sucking blood from it. Another syringe flies into the face and skewers its nose, causing the head to look at the result with its right eye, slightly raising its lips before staring at another incoming syringe, which sticks into its right eyelid. Two more syringes stab the face on its philtrum. Out of nowhere, a spinning blade hovers and saws the face in half.

Next, three copies of heart organs appear beating with one of them exploding after several seconds. The next shot shows a white head sticking out of a table, looking upwards and seeing an axe slice the person in half with blood bleeding out on the top. In the distance, another axe is seen, stabbing the head's right cheek. This shot remains on-screen for a few seconds before cutting to a grave with its tomb closing. The shot fades and wipes out and then the following text on a black box scrolls upwards:



Technique: Primitive CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A rock soundtrack. Multiple whooshes, thrusts, and more sounds are heard accompanied with various actions in the logo.

Availability: Near extinction; was seen on a short horror film compilation presumably titled "Recopolación de Cortos Vol. 1".

Imagen Death
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