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XPD was an online release group.

1st Logo (2002?-????)

XPD (circa 2002-Unknown).png

Logo: We open to see Scrat from the Ice Age franchise quickly looking around until he spots the acorn he continually pursues throughout the film series encased in ice. He yells before carving out the ice, with ice chunks flying everywhere and his limbs visible as he does so, and he stands back up in the center of the screen panting in exhaustion before gleefully seeing that the acorn is now reachable. We cut to then reveal Scrat below a huge chunk of ice with the name "XPD" imposed on it that is only being supported by the acorn, and upon grabbing the acorn, he looks up and, realizing that he is about to be crushed by the ice, gives a dismayed look at us before the ice falls on him.

Trivia: This is actually an edit of an Ice Age-themed Fox promo that has XPD's logo plastered over Fox's, which you may view here.

Technique: Footage from the aforementioned promo, XPD's logo being plastered over Fox's.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Fox promo, which consists of Scrat's sniffing and vocalizations (including yells and a groan of pain after he's crushed by the ice), an angelic sting when the acorn is shown, a chainsaw noise as scrat carves the ice, a popping noise when he removes the acorn and a heavy thud sound when the ice crushes Scrat. A low wind noise is also heard in the background throughout the logo.

Availability: Unknown. Seeking out the full extent of this logo’s availability on this group’s releases is not recommended due to the group’s legally dubious nature.

2nd Logo (????)

XPD (Unknown).png

Logo: In a dark cave-like environment, the camera rotates around a Facehugger from the Alien franchise emerging from its Ovomorph before it suddenly leaps through the air and latches onto the logo, which is the name "XPD" in 3D and grey. It then implants a Xenomorph embryo into the P, which then comes up to the letter's hole and quickly emerges as a Chestburster, leaving a large blood stain on it. The Chestburster then very quickly lunges at the camera while screeching.

Technique: Entirely done in CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: The Facehugger and Chestburster's vocalizations, wet sloshing sounds and wind whoosing.

Availability: Same as the 1st logo.

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