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World International Network (WIN) was a TV-movie production cooperative whose members were television networks and distributors in several countries (originally over a dozen) worldwide. It was founded and managed by Larry Gershman. In late 1995, Gershman sold the original incarnation of WIN to its English and German partners (Carlton and ARD), who renamed it Hamdon Entertainment; Gershman subsequently started a new "World International Network, Inc." that used the same logo and has produced and/or distributed over 100 additional films. As of 2019, Leslie Gershman Wandmacher owns WIN and its post-Hamdon library. The older pre-1995 Hamdon-owned productions are now either owned by ITV or Multicom Entertainment Group.

1st Logo (1988-1990)

Logo: On a space background, the blue text "World International Network" is seen above, and below various international television channels names are seen (to represent the networks the company distributes for). The channels names then dissolves as the above text slides down. Then, a golden plate, representing the continents rises up. The letters "W" "I" and "N" appear via a dissolving effect.

Technique: The dissolving effect.

Music/Sounds: A whoosh sound.

Availability: Rare. A few TV movies from the time period used this, such as L.A. Takedown, When He's Not a Stranger and Where Pigeons Go to Die, among others. On current prints, this may be followed by or even plastered with the 1998 Hamdon logo, a Carlton logo (as on one print of A Message from Holly), or possibly a Granada or ITV logo.

2nd Logo (1990-1995 (original), 1996-1999)

Logo: In what appears to be a remake of the previous logo, we see the gold text "World International Network" in a Times New Roman font. Beneath it is a list of television networks from around the world (likely to represent the networks the company distributes for). The above text slides down as a golden plate, representing the continents rises up. The letters "W" "I" and "N" appear via a dissolving effect.


  • The first half is often cut out, or only the end product is shown against the space background. Another short version starts with the WIN dissolving.
  • "In Association With" may also be shown at the top of the logo.
  • A still version exists.
  • Starting in 1996, the logo was slightly redone and "LLC" was added to the company's name.
  • There is also a filmed version.

Technique: The space background, the text shifting, the appearance of the plate and the letters.

Music/Sounds: A synth violin, followed by three faint drum notes and two synth hits. It concludes with a pattern of rising beeps.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, the theme is abridged.
  • In its early years, another version features a synth choir with some twinkles. It was often used on the filmed version of the logo.
  • Sometimes, the previous logo's whoosh sound can be heard.
  • On a print of Her Married Lover, the music from the next logo is heard.
  • On a French-Canadian VHS of Kid Cop, the theme is low pitched.
  • In other cases, the ending theme of the film or the generic theme to any network may play over this.
  • A silent version exists.

Availability: Can be found on many TV movies from the period which often reran on Lifetime Movie Network and other networks throughout the world, Most of the films also stream throughout the world. On current prints, this may be followed by or even plastered with the 1998 Hamdon logo, a Carlton logo, or possibly a Granada, ITV or Multicom logo.

3rd Logo (1999-)

Logo: We see the plate from before on an angle. The three letters from before rise from it as the "World International Network, LLC" text pans beneath it. The finished product shines afterwards.


  • Sometimes, the logo is still. "In Association With" may also appear above the logo.
  • A short version just shows the logo shining.
  • In later years, the logo was slightly redone, and the "World International Network" text is in a different font.
  • A true 16:9 widescreen version exists.

Technique: The letters rising and the text. A mass improvement from the previous logo. Even the space background is better.

Music/Sounds: A majestic orchestral fanfare, ending in three synth hits.

Music/Sound Variant: An abridged version of the theme exists, with just the beginning's drumroll and the final three synth hits.

Availability: Quite common actually. Can be seen at the beginning (and sometimes at the end) of later WIN TV movies on Lifetime Movie Network. The company still exists (their most recent production is 2019's Rediscovering Christmas), but are no longer using a logo, instead using a in-credit mention in the opening credits.

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