Working Dog

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Working Dog is an Australian comedy production company that has worked in both film and television. It has worked on successful TV shows such as FrontLine, The Panel and Thank God You're Here. It also has three theatrical productions including the iconic Austrailan movie The Castle. Working Dog doesn't use a logo for their productions but do have a logo on DVDs, which are distributed by Roadshow Entertainment.

(October 19, 2000-)

Logo: On a black background we see a gray spotlight and an Australian cattle dog. Gold letters move closer together to spell "WORKING DOG". The dog barks.


  • A variant exists where the logo simply fades in, the dog pants and barks and the logo fades out. This variant has the logo on a white background with no spotlight and the words in black, seen on The Castle: Pool Room Edition.
  • On the US version of Thank God You're Here, the dog is still on a white background.

Technique: The letters moving into place and the live-action dog barking.

Music/Sounds: The dog panting then barking.

Availability: Current. Seen after the Roadshow logo on DVDs of Working Dog productions starting with The Dish.

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