Wonder Kids

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Wonder Kids was a Japanese animation studio started by Fumio Nakajima. It was closed down due to imitations of some child pornography involving fictional underage girls. Their last known anime was Lemon Cocktail: Love 30's.


Wonder Kids.png

Logo: On a blue background, a yellow, green, and white arrow slide in, all layered behind each other. They a move a bit before spinning around the screen, revealing that they're copies of the Wonder Kids logo, which is an upright male symbol (or an incomplete Granada logo) with "WONDER KIDS" in it, stacked and in a bubbly font. They then settle to the center, with the yellow copy on top before turning white with a yellow circle in the hole.

Technique: The spinning logos, the color change.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Scarce. Probably on hentai tapes and laserdiscs like the infamous Lolita Anime.

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