Wometco Theatres

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Logo: We see neon outlines of flamingos sliding across the screen. We then zoom past them, and the sun starts to rise, causing a small explosion, forming a compass shape. Inside, it reads, "WOMETCO THEATRES". The circle housing the text suddenly disappears, sending us through a tube tunnel, at a slow pace. Ways for discounts, like bargain matinees, are shown on screen, on tickets. Then we come to a stop on the Group Bookings ticket, and it breaks in half, letting us pass through the middle. More text appears on screen, reading "IF TEMPERATURE OR SOUND PROBLEMS SHOULD OCCUR, PLEASE CONTACT THE STAFF IMMEDIATELY". Behind the words, tiny streaks can be seen. During the "Our Snack Bar Favorites" part, we see the 1970s "Coca-Cola" logo, "M&M's" (plain) logo, "M&M's" (peanut) logo, "Starbursts" logo, "Snickers" logo, "Skittles" logo, "Crystal Light" logo, "Rico's Nachos" logo, and "Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs" logo. The logos then zoom past us, leading to some text reading: "Please Place Litter in the Receptacle Provided in the Rear of this Auditorium", stacked in three lines on the black background, the smoke from the left and right sides comes out to cover the text and transforming into the smoky background after few seconds and the text changes into "NO SMOKING in this theatre" in the fancy sans-serif font colored salmon, and goes in front of the smoky background, the text changes into "Retain Your Ticket Stub—Switching Auditoriums is Prohibited" while the background becomes periwinkle, the rest are TBA (to be announced)...

Technique: All the animation, done by Willming Reams Animation.

Music/Sounds: A catchy synth piece, accompanied by saxophones and electric guitars.

Availability: Extinct. Can be found on Douglas Willming's YouTube page.

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