Winson Entertainment Production Ltd.

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Logo: We see a water background. A cobalt blue oval with an abstract W on it rises from the water. The water drips from it, and the camera faces the oval, which zooms out. The water shrinks, removing the liquid texture and it becomes a line, revealing a black/dark blue background. The text:

Entertainment Production Ltd.

...rises from the line, along with the Chinese translation, which rises below it. A light also comes through the line.

Variant: There was a videotaped variant with the address below the logo. "Production" was replaced with "Distribution" as well.

Technique: All the animation.

Music/Sounds: An ominous background synth, followed by a dramatic 2-note synth tune.

Availability: It's seen on distributed VCDs and DVDs throughout Hong Kong. The variant was spotted on a DVD of Blue Spring.

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