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(June 27, 2006-February 24, 2009)

Logo: On a white background, we zoom in on an animated drawing of a snowman near a house. He starts to smile even more and turns evil. He then takes an axe out from behind him and raises his left arm. During that, the background becomes black and the house disappears and there is also a white moon growing behind him. The snowman laughs, and a lightning bolt strikes the moon, causing the snowman to turn into a silhouette. The moon then turns blood red and the background turns black. The background shrinks into a rectangle on a white one, and "WINDCHILL FILMS" forms below in a blood red looking font.

Technique: Hand-drawn animation.

Music/Sounds: The logo starts with the sound of jingle bells, a wind blowing sound is then heard as the moon appears behind the snowman. A laughing sound effect is then heard as the snowman laughs, then a thunder sound effect is heard as lightning strikes. As the logo finishes, it ends with a witch laughing effect and then silence.

Availability: Seen on Candy Stripers, Séance, and Portal.

Legacy: The snowman turning evil, overall creepy concept, and sounds will haunt or catch most viewers off-guard. The creepy-looking text and background turning black are not friendly either. However, this logo definitely fits the tone for the company's films.

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