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This is the production company of David McFadzean, Dete Meserve and Jess Williams.

Wind Dancer Productions, Inc.

Wind Dancer Production Group

Wind Dancer Films

Wind Dancer Productions, Inc.

1st Logo (October 18, 1988-May 2, 1989)

Wind Dancer Productions "Roseanne" logo (1988-1991).jpeg

Logo: On a blue background, we see the words "WIND DANCER PRODUCTIONS, INC." in a Bauhaus 93 font, which is also the font used in the credits of Roseanne. Right below it are the words "in association with" in the same font.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: Either silence or the closing theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on the first season of Roseanne.

2nd Logo (March 31, 1990-October 18, 1994)

Logo: On a lavender marble background with a spotlight illuminating most of it, the text "Wind Dancer" can be seen in the lower right corner, in a blue script font. The "W" and "D" are larger than the rest of the text, and said text have underlines under it. "PRODUCTIONS, INC" can be seen in a smaller, more generic font below "Dancer". A hairline crack then develops from upper right sector of the screen just off center to the lower left corner of the screen, morphing into a abstract outline of a dove's front silhouette. The crack then grows out an aurora-like light, glowing a mix of yellow/orange/indigo/blue light, all engulfing the upper left side of the screen.

Technique: The crack morphing into the dove, the colors moving.

Music/Sounds: A different set of chime sounds from time to time, sometimes with the sound of wind in the background.

Availability: Uncommon. Still intact on the first three seasons of Home Improvement on DVD and Hulu. Surprisingly, this logo also appeared on two season 4 episodes, "Back in the Saddle Shoes Again" and "He Ain't Heavy, He's Just Irresponsible". This also appeared on Carol & Company.

Wind Dancer Production Group

1st Logo (September 27, 1994-May 20, 1997)

Logo: On a black background, the CGI words "WIND DANCER PRODUCTION GROUP" zoom in and change from a bluish color to a shady mix of pink, purple, blue, and some orange.

Variant: On Firelight, there's no "PRODUCTION" text below.

Technique: The zooming and color changing.

Music/Sounds: Some softer-sounding wind chimes.

Availability: Seen on seasons 4-6 of Home Improvement beginning with the episode "Don't Tell Momma".

2nd Logo (September 23, 1997-May 25, 1999)

Logo: We see what appears to be a lake. A large feather is seen. The feather then touches the lake, bounces back up, and the scene becomes enclosed in a box shape (kind of like a bell tower) while the text "WIND DANCER PRODUCTION GROUP" zooms in.

Technique: The feather touching the lake.

Music/Sounds: A majestic string piece accompanied by a 4-note flute tune. Occasionally, there was a different flute theme used ending with some chimes. ABC airings starting in 1998 used their own generic music.

Availability: Seen on the final two seasons of Home Improvement.

Wind Dancer Films

1st Logo (September 14, 1997-May 4, 2003)

Logo: Same as the second Wind Dancer Production Group logo, but the animation is slower and has a purplish tint to it. Below the final product is "WIND DANCER FILMS", in a shiny blue font with two lines underneath it.

Technique: Same as the television logo, only slower.

Music/Sounds: We hear the 4-note flute theme from the TV logo play, leading into a lush string/horn piece with the flute tune playing again near the end.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • At the end of Where the Heart Is, it's silent.
  • On Tim Allen Presents: The Home Improvement User's Guide, the standard TV theme is used.

Availability: Rare. Seen on Firelight, Where the Heart Is, and Tim Allen Presents: The Home Improvement User's Guide.

2nd Logo (April 27, 2006-September 8, 2014)

Wind Dancer Films (2006-2011).jpg

Logo: On a black background, a small square depicts footage of a mud cracked wasteland, being zoomed through before stopping to reveal an eagle trying to fly away, but one of its claws is chained to a leg cuff. It then unlocks the cuff with its beak and flies off. An orange burst of sunlight fades in at the top right of the square, shining diagonally. Another burst of sunlight appears moving below the square across to the right forming "WIND DANCER" in an orange Times New Roman font. The eagle then returns flying over to the top left of the square and settling there with its wings still spread out. "FILMS" zooms up underneath in white.

Trivia: This logo was made by Kathleen Chee of the design agency 2100°DG.

Technique: Entirely CGI.

Music/Sounds: Wind while panning, the chain when the eagle tries to break free, the eagle flapping its wings. After the eagle flies away a soothing orchestral fanfare is played accompanied by the eagle cawing.

Availability: Rare. Seen on Walker Payne, Bernie and As Cool As I Am, as well as the documentary series, Wildest Africa.

3rd Logo (March 6, 2014- )

Wind Dancer Films (2014-).jpg

Logo: In a sunset field, we see the "WIND DANCER" in a Optimus Princeps font on the grassy field surrounded by a faint rainbow circle and "FILMS" in a Retroica font as the logo zooms slowly.

Variant: On Saint George and the company's sizzle reel, the text is lowered to the grass and "FILMS" is changed to a white color.

Technique: The logo zooming in slowly. On their company sizzle reel, the text fades in. On Saint George, it's still.

Music/Sounds: The music would vary:

  • On The Keeping Room, an orchestral theme.
  • At the end of Good Sam, the company sizzle reel and Ready Jet Go!, it's the ending theme.
  • On Saint George, it's silent.

Availability: Current. Seen on The Keeping Room, the short-lived show Saint George, the CGI animated educational television series Ready Jet Go! on PBS, the company's sizzle reel from 2018 and Good Sam (2019).

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