Wildcard Television

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Wildcard Television was founded in 2019 by Ben Shephard, Ed de Burgh and Becca Walker as a division of Objective Media Group (part of All3Media). In 2021, it was renamed to Triple Brew Media.

(October 17-December 20, 2020)

Logo: On a grey background, we see the text "WILDCARD TELEVISION" and the Objective Media Group logo underneath, with the words "part of" at the top of the Objective logo, the then-current All3Media byline on the bottom of it and the ITV logo below all. Then, the text is pressed and light begins to flash as a ticket appears on the logo, which statics then stops, turning it red.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A clicking sound, an electric static sound, then a stomp sound.

Availability: It only appeared on the reboot of The Cube called The Million Pound Cube.

Wildcard Television
Triple Brew Media
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