Wild Horse Productions

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Chen Pin Looi

(November 11, 1999)


Logo: On a black background, we see a horse galloping as we are zooming out of it. A lightning flash occurs, a square zooms out, and all of a sudden, the horse gets struck by lightning. A lot of random stuff (swirling patterns, light effects) occur. The horse appears to have a scrambled expression, like a human would if one were to experience a lightning strike. This is followed by the now-crazy horse's picture in a grey square with "WILD HORSE" and "PRODUCTIONS" sandwiching it. The horse appears to let out a small breath of fire, and Chinese characters fade into the background.

Technique: Bizarre chalk-like animation.

Music/Sounds: A horse galloping sound, along with whistling, and a thunderclap when the screen flashes. When the horse gets struck by lightning, even stronger thunderclaps play, followed by a multitude of UFO sounds (which sounds like a slide whistle) and the horse making crazy sounds. A sheer breathing sound is heard when the horse tries to breathe.

Availability: Only seen on The Mistress.