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(October 21, 2020-)

Logo: We see the spire of the Empire State Building in New York City in daytime. We then zoom out as a helicopter flies, and underneath the Manhattan Bridge, where a police car then passes below, and we zoom out to a street with parked cars and pedestrians. As a giant red object then obscures the background, we zoom out further to the end of the street to reveal that the object is actually a giant red "W" with a cut on it. The sky and the buildings then slide down to the ground as the background is revealed to be white, as the "W" becomes more abstract, and the text:


slides underneath the abstract "W".

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A heroic fanfare. Helicopter sounds are then heard as faint radio chattering and a siren is heard as the police car passes, then whooshes for the most part.

Availability: Current. First seen on Nikola Tesla: The Man From the Future.

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