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The Watara Supervision (sold as the Quickshot Supervision in the UK and as the Travellmate in some other countries) is a monochrome handheld game console made by Watara in 1992, rivalling the Game Boy. One of the unique features of the system includes its ability to link up with a television using a cable, in which the games would be displayed on 4 colors, much like the Super Game Boy addon for the SNES. The console was distributed to other third-party companies to keep the development cost down.


Logo: The words "SUPER" and "VISION", slide in from below to the center. "SUPER" has a normal pace going throughout, while "VISION" starts off slow but then goes faster. Once these words stop, they move for a bit to get close to each other.

Variant: On some foreign copies of games, "SUPER" and "VISION" is instead replaced with "TRAVELL" and "MATE".

Technique: 8-bit graphics.

Music/Sounds: A "bling" sound similar to the Game Boy startup but more high pitched.

Availability: Extremely rare; seen on Supervision systems. These are hard to find nowadays.

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