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Warner Horizon Television is a cable network and reality television production company formed by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. in 2006. Two divisions existed between 2006 and 2020: Warner Horizon Scripted Television and Warner Horizon Unscripted Television. In 2020, Warner Horizon Scripted Television was merged into Warner Bros. Television as part of a restructure of Warner Bros.' TV studios at Warner Bros. Discovery. However, Warner Horizon Unscripted Television was not affected.

Warner Horizon Television

1st Logo (October 2, 2006-2018)

Logo: We fade in to a light gray gradient background. As this occurs, the name "WARNER HORIZON TELEVISION" zooms out from the camera with "WARNER" in a big font that is cut off a bit at the bottom, emitting a shadow which animates like the Microsoft PowerPoint "Peek In" effect, "HORIZON" in spaced-out letters and a medium-sized font, and "TELEVISION" in a smaller font and also in spaced-out letters. The Warner Bros. print shield logo fades in as the words zoom out. When we reach a comfortable distance, the Time Warner byline fades in below.


  • On shows broadcast in widescreen, the logo is re-animated. "WARNER" doesn't animate while it zooms out in this version, and "HORIZON" and "TELEVISION" fade in while they are zooming out. The Time Warner byline is also placed further up underneath the shield.
  • On some shows like The Voice, "Distributed by" appears above the logo.
  • "In Association With" may also appear above on some shows produced in association with Warner Horizon.
  • On some shows, most notably ones from Warner Horizon Scripted Television from 2009-2014, the animation is slowed down.
  • Sometimes, the logo is bylineless. This occurs mainly on scripted shows.
  • Starting in 2013 for shows from Warner Horizon Scripted Television, a motion blur was added when the logo zooms out.
  • Sometimes, it has only the camera slowly zooming away from the finished product, or the logo may be completely still.

FX/SFX: The words zooming out and the "WB" print shield fading in.

Music/Sounds: None, generic themes and voice-overs on networks or the end theme of the show.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The 2017 revival of Love Connection and season 1 of Ellen's Game of Games has a loud whoosh that plays on the logo, right after the Telepictures logo.
  • On 500 Questions and American Woman, the deep whoosh from the next logo is heard.

Availability: Seen on Pretty Little Liars, The Voice, Dallas (the 2012 revival), Rizzoli and Isles, Marshal Law: Texas, The Bachelor (and its spinoff The Bachelorette), Ground Floor, Sullivan and Son, Longmire, the 2013 revival of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and Oh Sit!.

2nd Logo (September 10, 2015-)

Logo: We start on a black background, then zoom out to reveal "WARNER" in the same font (and same style) as before, zooming out and rotating in CGI. "HORIZON", also from the previous logo, spaces in to fit the same space as before, then "TELEVISION", again from the previous logo, spaces in as well. As this happens on the same background as before, the WB shield is revealed to be in the background as we pan.


  • Mid 2018: A Time Warner Company
  • Late 2018-2020: A WARNERMEDIA Company (in the same font for the Warner Bros. Pictures logo and other WarnerMedia owned companies that have the byline, including New Line Cinema)


  • "Distributed by" or "In Association With" appears above the logo on some shows.
  • The "Distributed by" Time Warner variant has a spelling error, where it reads as "Distibuted by". The error was corrected when Time Warner was renamed to WarnerMedia.

FX/SFX: The text rotating and the rest of the logo zooming out.

Music/Sounds: A deep whoosh as the text zooms out, followed by a synth drone, or none.

Availability: No longer current due to WB's 2019 rebrand, but seen on shows like Fuller House and the fourth season of Longmire on Netflix, the first 3 seasons of Claws on TNT, and the first 4 seasons of Queen Sugar on OWN. Despite the company being folded in 2020, the 2013 revival of Whose Line is It Anyway? continues to use this logo, strangely enough.

3rd Logo (March 21, 2018-September 29, 2019)

Logo: Same as the DC Comics/Warner Bros. Television combo since 2014, but the 2014-2021 and 2017-2022 Warner Bros. Television shield variants are either replaced by the Warner Horizon Television logo from the last two logos.


  • Krypton: The logo is in green and is on a space background.
  • Pennyworth (Season 1): The logo is white and on a background of London.

Music/Sounds: Sound effects that correspond with the action, which varies from show to show.

Availability: No longer current. Seen after the DC Entertainment logo on Krypton and the first season of Pennyworth (although the second season used the 2019 Warner Bros. Television logo instead). Used in tandem with the previous logo.

Warner Horizon Unscripted Television

(October 13, 2020-)

Logo: We first see three close-up shots of the 2019 WB shield. After a split-second, the "W" lights up in neon purple, the "B" lights up in neon yellow, and the shield outline lights up in neon blue. Then we see a flash of light, which dies down to reveal the 2019 WB shield, in blue and white, zooming out to the left to make room for the text "WARNER HORIZON UNSCRIPTED TELEVISION" (in WB's corporate font, Warner Bros. Sans) to fade in. The shield then shines. Blue spotlights can be seen in the background.

Trivia: This logo is a homage to the neon signs from the now-defunct The WB network during the "backlot" era from 1995 until 2004, including the network's logo, shows and the Kids' WB block. Also, the neon colors of the WB shield's letters look similar to the Kids' WB logo.


  • A short version exists, where we only see one close-up shot of the 2019 WB logo's neon lights turning on.
  • Some shows have "In Association With" or "Distributed by" appearing above "WARNER HORIZON".
  • On The Masked Dancer, the aforementioned IAW variant appears next to the A Very Good Production logo.

FX/SFX: The lights on the WB shield turning on, the shield zooming out and shining, and the text fading in, all in CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A string note plays throughout. We hear click sounds as the WB shield lights up and a cymbal roll when it zooms out. Sometimes, the closing theme plays over it or none.

Availability: Current. It made its first appearance on the sixteenth season of The Bachelorette and later seen on returning shows such as The Bachelor, La Voz, Ellen's Game of Games, The Voice, Bachelor in Paradise and Mental Samurai. It also appeared on its specials such as Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, Friends: The Reunion and Scooby-Doo, Where Are You Now!, as well as new and future shows from the company such as The Masked Dancer, Finding Magic Mike, Family Game Fight!, Harry Potter: Tournament of Houses, True Story with Ed and Randall and The Bradshaw Bunch.

Legacy: This logo was possibly made for the rebrand of Warner Bros. It has the same 2019 shield that was also used on the 2020 Warner Bros. Pictures logo before the 2021 WB logo debuted.

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