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1st Logo (1981?-1984?)

Walthers Video Svenska Walthers - YouTube - 0 13.jpeg

Logo: We see a series of rotating white "stars", then it irises in to a screen containing many fuzzy rotating diagonal lines (still superimposed on the "stars"), then the lines iris out to a screen that is yellow on the top half, containing the text "Svenska Walthers" (in a vermilion 3D-ish font), and baby blue on the bottom half, containing a yellow TV tube shape with "video" on it (in the same font, but solid and with a fat flower-like dot on the"i"). The "stars" from the first shot are superimposed over this screen.

Technique: The stars, lines, and screen transitions (all of which are pretty primitive 70's-esque effects for today).

Music/Sounds: A 50's horn, cymbal and flute fanfare that grows more dramatic.

Availability: Rare; seen on Swedish tapes from the period.

2nd Logo (1984?-1987?)

Walthers Video - YouTube - 0 11.jpeg

Logo: Against a blue BG, we see a white W zoom out, which resembles a large V with a smaller V attached to the top. The words "ALTHERS" and "IDEO" slide in from the right and place themselves next to the W, spelling out "WALTHERS VIDEO". Then, a TV tube is drawn around the text clockwise.

Technique: Simple 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: The last few seconds of "Important Montage" by Keith Mansfield, from the Bruton Music Library album Progress (BRN 03).

Availability: Same as before.

3rd Logo (1987?-1990?)

Walthers Video - YouTube - 0 18.jpeg

Logo: We see a series of bright, squiggly neon lines, which then iris in to a strange revolving blue globe with a flourescent red Walthers Video logo from before, but italicized, scrolling up. Then, after a few seconds, the logo zooms downward and out. Then, the logo appears near the top right of the screen.

Technique: The revolving globe and chyron effects on the text.

Music/Sounds: The last few seconds of "Full Frontal Funk" by Trevor Bastow, from the Bruton Music Library album Way Ahead (BRG 11). (also heard on the second Videce Videocentralen logo)

Availability: Same as before.

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