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In 2010, the international retail store chain Walmart saw into producing some movies for TV. The first one was Secrets of the Mountain.

(April 16, 2010- )

Logo: It starts off with a small neighborhood, with a two-story blue house with a door and a window (with silhouettes of family members) on the first floor and three windows on the second floor. There is also a small red doghouse to the right of the house and flowers and bushes surround the house closely. The home is surrounded by a white picket fence, some trees, a couple of houses (one on each side) and an evening sky. A white dog is near the house. A yellow-orange spark (the corporate logo for Walmart) flies towards the house with the dog barking at it and chasing it. As that happens, a little girl opens the door, laughing. As the camera eases to the house, the dog runs inside the house, and the girl goes inside and the door shuts. In the window, the silhouettes are that of a mother holding a baby and the father picks up the little girl. The spark flies upward to show an aerial view of the neighborhood with various houses. The houses turn on all of their lights, and the camera moves up to the sky to reveal "Walmart" in its corporate font with the company logo next to it. Under "Walmart" is its slogan, "Save money. Live better." The spark from before flies towards the screen, then under the slogan to wipe the yellow word "PRESENTS" in pixie dust. The camera then rotates and goes into the spark logo and the movie begins.

Variant: There is a special version with "and P&G" (Procter & Gamble) added next to Walmart.

FX/SFX: It's all nice computer animation. It is possible, though unconfirmed, that someone named Jamie Anderson was involved in production.

Music/Sounds: The music here is a peaceful orchestrated fanfare. When the spark flies towards the house, the dog barks at it. When the dog goes into the house, the little girl laughs and a doorbell rings before the door closes. Birds chirp throughout.

Availability: Seen on Secrets of the Mountain and The Jensen Project, which can be found on DVD.

Editor's Note: None.

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