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WPPT is a PBS member stations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US, first broadcasted in 1990. It's broadcasted on channel 39 and is owned by Lehigh Valley Public Telecommunications Corporation, along side with the Allentown-PBS member station, WLVT. It's also a former independent educational television station and was named WYBE-TV until 2018.


Logo: On a black background, we see a lot of pieces fall from the top of the screen and formed into the word "WYBE TV", with the word "PHILADELPHIA". Then, the words flies to the middle of the screen. The word "Presents" rotates itself and zooms in below the word "Philadelphia", and an image of a place in Philadelphia fades on the black background. The logo and the background then fades out to black.

Technique: 2D animation with low framerate. Considering this was around the time when they first broadcasted, it was reasonable.

Music/Sounds: A catchy xylophone tune.

Availability: Extremely rare. This was only found once on "Deep Dish TV" production "Anchors Away!"

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