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WMHT was formed in Albany in 1962. In 1987 it purchased an independent station in Albany called WUSV and became WMHX as WMHT's secondary affiliate. It went dark in 1991, but returned as WMHQ before selling it off in 1999 to become WEWB, a WB O&O station (owned by then-WB part owner, Tribune Company). Today, WMHT currently exists and so does WEWB, which became WCWN in 2006 when The CW took over. It was sold to Freedom Communications, which in turn, sold it to Sinclair Broadcast Group.

1st Logo (1979-1988)

Logo: On a black background, the text "WMHT" appears in the middle of the screen, constantly flashing between green and blue. After a bit, the text zooms in while the flashing slows down, eventually sticking to blue. A white outline then wipes in over the text as the white text "SCHENECTADY" fades in below.

Technique: The flashing and zooming, the outline wiping in, the text fading in.

Music/Sounds: A downward synth-organ arpeggio, being higher on the 2nd and 4th times. It ends in a synth chord.

Availability: Look for tapes of documentaries of the period.

2nd Logo (1987-1991)

Nickname: "The AT&T-like Orb"

Logo: On a heliotrope/salmon gradient background, we see "WMHT" and "WMHX", in gold, stacked on top of each other, to the left of a bright lavender circle with segmented lines and what looks like a laser touching it. Below is a line, and "Schenectady-Albany-Troy", in gold. The logo shines.


  • There is a local variant just for WMHT. In a 3-D marble environment, a series of multicolored bars flip up to the left and shine against a bright cerulean background while a pinkish marble sheet turns upward with a sphere absorbing into it. Another long pinkish bar drops down to the bottom. Another sphere zooms out to the top left (causing a gold "17" to appear) and some light rays hit it, causing a bright flash. A 3-D sphere (similarly colored as the regular one, but with a slight royal blue tint) is fully formed, and the text "WMHT TV" appears below the logo with "Schenectady • Albany • Troy", all in a gold italic font, appearing on the bar. The sphere shines.
  • There is another local variant for WMHX. In a 3D graffiti-like environment, several tiles flip in from the top and bottom of the screen, causing a gold "45" to appear with the sphere, now in sapphire, to its right. Below that is the text "WMHX TV" and "Schenectady • Albany • Troy", all in a gold italic font. A shine wipes on the sphere.

Technique: The shining. See the variants for more information.

Music/Sounds: A piano/synth theme is used on most shows or a 3-note synth orchestral fanfare. Otherwise, it is silent.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On the WMHT local variant, there is a longer version of the music. An announcer (Dave Povero) says "You're watching member supported public television, channel 17."
  • On the WMHX local variant, a completely different synth theme is used. An announcer (Bill Winans) says "This is your public television station, WMHX, channel 45."

Availability: Seen on Inside Albany and The Iroquois. May also be on New York Week In Review, and other documentary shows.

3rd Logo (2004?-2013)

Logo: On the same background as the 2002 CPB logo, we see a spinning globe zoom in before stopping and moving down, revealing "wmht" with a yellow-green curve below it. It zooms out to reveal "Albany, New York" spreading out.

Variants: These have three aspect ratios:

  • One is 4:3.
  • Another one is 16:9 squeezed into 4:3.
  • The third one is full 16:9.

Technique: The globe. Impressive animation for a public television station!

Music/Sounds: A 3-note ethereal synth and piano tune.

Availability: It's quite hard for it to show up on TV. Check DVD's of WMHT's shows.

4th Logo (2013-2016)

Logo: On a space background, we see "wmht" zooming out above the rotating Earth. Below "wmht" is "Albany, New York". We also see the Northern Lights.

Technique: The animated objects are "wmht" and the globe. It is worth noting that the animation and music are like Starz Originals' 2016 logo (although this logo has more better animation and predates that logo.).

Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo.

Availability: Current.

5th Logo (2016-)

Logo: On a black background, 9 curved lines, all in lime green, appear one by one in a spiral pattern. When they form, 9 rays appear (though they're barely visible) and the lines change to navy blue, then purple, then orange. When the rays turn orange, they and the spiral shape change back to lime green, quickly zooming in to fill the screen with a very light green. It fades back to the current logo, which is the spiral above the text "wmht". The spiral slowly spins to the right.

Technique: The spiral changing colors, zooming in and fading to the logo.

Music/Sounds: A rising string tune.

Availability: Current. Seen on New York Now (which has the 1999-2009 WNET logo after it for some reason).

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