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WLAE-TV is an educational independent television station that operated in 1984 and licensed to New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. The station is owned by the Educational Broadcasting Foundation, a partnership between the Willwoods Community and the Louisiana Educational Television Authority, the operator of Louisiana Public Broadcasting. This station was a PBS station since when it was operated until in 2013, where it ended its membership with it to increase its focus on its locally produced programming.

1st Logo (1986-1990?)

Logo: We see a silhouette of the New Orleans's skyline. At the start, the buildings turn the light of them on. As the sun rises, the sky starts turning to blue, the buildings disappear from the logo, and a text appears at the beach in a blurry way. Suddenly but beautifully (thanks to the music), the sun bursts into the number "32", the word "WLAE-TV" reveals itself from the buildings from before, and the "NEW ORLEANS" word appears (or reveals itself) from the beach that was also disappeared. And finally, the number and the word all shine at the end.

Technique: The sun rising, the ocean and the buildings dissapear to reveal the word "WLAE-TV" and "NEW ORLEANS", the sun bursting into the number "32", and the final picture shining.

Music/Sounds: The rising synth tune that ends with a powerful chord-like music with a burst sound at the end.

Availability: Rare. It can be seen on The St. Charles Streetcar, Which Governs Best, John Paul II in New Orleans and other documentaries.

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