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WKAQ-TV was a dual Telemundo/NBC owned-and-operated television station licensed to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The station is owned by the Telemundo Station Group subsidiary of NBCUniversal. WKAQ-TV's studios are located on Franklin Roosevelt Avenue in San Juan near Hiram Bithorn Stadium.

1st Logo (March 28, 1954-1968)

WKAQ-TV (1954).png

Logo: On a black background with dots of numerous sizes, we see a drawing of the earth with the text "WKAQ-TV" in front of the globe & "Telemundo" and "Canal 2" on the top & bottom of the globe.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: A male announcer speaking something in Spanish.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

2nd Logo (1968-1980)

Logo: We see a multi-colored sphere cut in half & the white number "2" form on a black background. When the sphere is done, "Telemundo" in white pops up. Then "WKAQ-TV" pops up in white as well with each letter appearing one-by-one, along with "San Juan" when the "2" is finished also in white. Then "Puerto Rico" appears in white. Finally, "Telemundo" pops up again in white.

Variant: A Variant exists where the logo plays warpspeed (except San Juan-WKAQ-TV appears instead), then the "2" goes to the left & the number "0" draws as the text switches to "Ponce-WHUP-TV" in white. Then the "0" switch to the number "2" as the text switches once again to "Mayaguez-WUHM-TV". Then both the "2"s wipe away as the numbers "2", "20", & "22" in multi-colored. Then "Telemundo" also multi-colored appears as Puerto Rico has been drawn. It all ends when it turns into a sphere & flies to the left.

Technique: 2D Animation.

Music/Sounds: Music involving drums & trumpets, as well as a male announcer saying all of the text described, except for the 2nd "Telemundo". He also says something involving "Canal Dos"

Music/Sounds Variants: The male announcer says differently in the variant.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

Legacy: This has been well remembered by Puerto Ricans that grew up in the 70s due to the Puerto Rican theme & was even remembered.

3rd Logo (1980-1981)

Logo: Depends on the Variants.


  • Part A: We see a stylized "2" slowly flashing different colors. We then get closer to the "2" while "WKAQ" appears, where each letter pops up at once. Once we see the "2" zoomed out, it deforms into a hand holding up the pointing finger. It then lifts it's middle finger. Once it does that, it launches upwards similar to a rocket sending stars everywhere.
  • Part B: On a space background, we see the same hand as Part A at the bottom right corner with the stylized 2 along with the hand holding 2 fingers, & "WKAQ-TV" all in pink on one of the fingers. As the hand moves, it gets closer revealing the 2 & "WKAQ" more efficiently. It then backs up & goes to the top left corner.
  • Part C: We see, again, the same hand as before on the moon. It's pinky finger moves up & stairs comes out of it. What gets out is a man with teal overalls, glasses, & a teal hat. It skips to the front of the screen & gets a yellow flag with the stylized "2" with the hand & text that says "WKAQ-TV", "San Juan", & "Puerto Rico". We then get closer to the flag.

Technique: 2D Animation.

Music/Sounds: Depends on the Variant. All of them includes an announcer in different tones (Part A has it echo, Part B has it sound like it's from a radio, & Part C kept it normal).

Availability: Extinct on TV.

Legacy: Not as fun or memorable as it's Predecessor, but is a creative concept of introducing the hand.

4th Logo (1981-1986)

Logo: We start off as a space background with a white explosion. It reveals the same number "2" as last time in gold. The "2" turns & shines before there's another white explosion. The "2" quickly goes to the left & there comes another explosion revealing



also in gold. Then for the rest of the logo, both the "2" & the previously mentioned text shine.


  • There are different variants showing different channels & the numbers of the channel. This includes the following:
    • WORA-TV (Channel 5) (this ident appears dimmed unlike others)
    • WCRA (Channel 5), and others...
  • There's another variant that shows the number "30" in gold & the text "Años" in the middle shining. It then turns to reveal the "2" brighter than usual. Then the text "WKAQ-TV Telemundo" shows up, also brighter than usual. Then a live arm with a torch gets in front of the "2" before a white burst appears in front of the arm, which makes it a cartoony hand with the torch in gold. Then the text and number shines.

Technique: 3D Animation.

Music/Sounds: A chime theme along with a few whooshes & a male announcer saying "Esta es WKAQ-TV, Telemundo. San Juan, Puerto Rico.".

Music/Sounds Variants: Sometimes, the announcer sounds different.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

Legacy: The Whoosh sounds can get to some, but it's intended to be a comedic ID.

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