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WFYI-TV is a PBS affiliate located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

WFYI Indianapolis

1st (known) Logo (1970's?-1986?)

Logo: On a black background, a set of white lines and dots zoom out to the top left of the screen, leaving copies of itself as they reach there. It then flashes into a hot pink "W", which has glowing streaks emitting from the sides of it, as more lines trail into view to form "FYI" one by one. As they finish appearing to form "WFYI", a thick white line appears in the center and grows in size, with 2 more sets of trailing lines appearing at the top and bottom edges of the screen. When they reach their stopping point, "INDIANAPOLIS" appears in a thinner font, and the lines retract into smaller lines bordering the words. The logo then flashes brightly, leaving trails coming off of the white lines.

Technique: The lines zooming out, the flashing. Gaudy 70's animation.

Music/Sounds: A jazz trumpet fanfare.

Availability: Extremely rare. Seen on Adoption: In Indiana. It's also possible that this was also seen as a station ID.

FYI Productions

1st (known) Logo (1997?-2000?)

Logo: On a black background, a spotlight illuminates the dark text "FYI productions", with "FYI" in a tall Times New Roman font, and "productions" in a script font. It waves around it a bit before the entire place illuminates, turning the text white and revealing a washed out drawing of a park setting, with a tree and a dirt path in the middle of a grassy field with a clear sky. The winding trail then becomes brighter as a red lounge chair drops down from the sky. The area then shrinks with a white border growing around it as a red box appears to capture the scene. As it reaches it, the scene flashes, turning it in a sketchy black and white drawing barring the red chair, and the text becomes a cut-out on the bottom. The logo fades out before the animation properly finishes.

Technique: The spotlight, the drawing, the flash.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Very rare. It's unknown what program this appeared on.

2nd (known) Logo (2000?-2008)

Logo: On a shiny black background, a bar opens up in the middle of the screen, bordered by 2 red lines. This area features a heavy shadow over it, with the "FYI" from before in red seen inside it. Below it, there's a black bar with "PRODUCTIONS" in white inside it. The shadowy areas soon clear up as a shadow version of the logo zooms out to create a makeshift border.

Variant: The logo is stretched on HD productions from 2005-2008.

Technique: The spotlight, the drawing, the flash.

Music/Sounds: A version of the 2000-2002 PBS tune, or the ending theme of the show.

Availability: Rare. It can be seen on episodes of Across Indiana, A Gathering of Heroes, and several live concerts broadcasted by them, among other local programs during the time.

WFYI Productions


Logo: On a black background, a white F appears along with a dark yellow triangle and a blue trapezoid under it. It then fades out as a Y fades in, with a red triangle appearing with the space above it. It then fades out for a white I as a large lime green triangle fades in as well. The box of shapes (which is supposed to represent a stained glass window) then gets surrounded by white as the inside is filled as well, and the text "PRODUCTIONS" fades in below, which glows with the window. The window then shrinks and moves to the right while losing the white lines, "PRODUCTIONS" grows larger and moves upwards while a bit to the right, fading to red as it does, and the text "wfyi" in a grey serif font fades in as it does so.

Variant: The logo is sometimes shown still, either on a white or black background.

Technique: The box filling up, the glow, the zooming.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show.

Availability: Current. It can be seen on WFYI productions, such as Compadre Huashyo and The Teaching Artist.

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