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WCET is a PBS affiliate located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

1st Logo (1970's?-1991, 1989)

Logo: On a superimposed screen, we see "48", with "WCET" in a rounded Bauhaus font below.

Technique: The superimposed animation.

Music/Sounds: A tune theme with an announcer saying the title and station.

Availability: Extinct. Only used as a local ID.

2nd Logo (1976-1990)

Logo: Against a black background, the word "Cincinnati", in red letters, comes in from the right letter-by-letter, with light trails behind it. Then, from the dot of the first I, four video screens zoom in, which have video clips playing that show various events throughout Cincinnati. Then, the screens slide away to each corner of the screen with little red, blue, and yellow lights flashing in their wake to show the following words in a golden font, on a black background.

Cincinnati, ohio

"wcet-tv" glows brightly.

Some of the video clips include:

  • A Cincinnati Reds game
  • A roller-coaster
  • A shot of a lake near the Cincinnati skyline
  • A man and his son in a park
  • A couple talking in front of a fountain
  • The Cincinnati Ballet Troupe

Technique: The video and light effects.

Music/Sounds: An uplifting orchestra tune led by violins.

Availability: Extremely rare/possibly extinct. Probably seen on Lillias! Yoga and You episodes from this era.

3rd Logo (1991-1997)

Logo: We see "WCET", outlined in purplish-pink and in a font somewhat similar to KCET's, over "Cincinnati", zooming in over an image of a paddle steamer at night.

Technique: The zoom-in.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: See the previous logo.

4th Logo (2008-present)

Logo: On a blue background, we see the letters "C", "E", and "T", in lowercase glow and fade one by one. Then, a yellow shape which looks like a sun pops out with the CET text, while the word "connect" slowly wipes right.

Variant: A long version exists, where the CET logo glows.

Availability: Rare.

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