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Captures by
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Video captures courtesy of
Cassavetesforaday, BreadCrustCouncil and David's Logo Archive

(October 14, 1954-March 30, 1961)

Logo: During the Paramount logo's second half of screening, the stars and text fade out, followed by the text "in", which itself fades out and is followed by a big "V" zooming in (a la Viacom's "V of Doom" logo). The words "VISTA" and "ISION" then appear on either side in a wiping effect. Then the words "MOTION PICTURE" appear under "VISTA", followed by "HIGH-FIDELITY" under "ISION".


  • On The Ladies' Man, a text saying "Ovur" comes up and then fades to text saying "We wish to Thank the United States Armed Forces ....(But only if they came to see the picture.)." Then the logo resumes like normal.
  • On White Christmas, "Paramount (with the "P" written in their corporate font) proudly presents the first picture in" first appears over the mountain, followed by the VistaVision logo without any other text. The rest of the Paramount Pictures logo then plays as usual.
  • A German variant exists. This can be seen on a German print of We Ain't Angels.

Technique: The animation of the Paramount logo, then the text zooming in and wiping in.

Music/Sounds: The logo has a majestic fanfare composed by Nathan Van Cleave (which wasn't used on VistaVision films such as Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Strategic Air Command and Vertigo, which used their respective opening themes).

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The VistaVision fanfare was sometimes specially rearranged for films such as The Desperate Hours (Gail Kubik and Daniele Amfitheatrof), The Tin Star (Elmer Bernstein) and Artists and Models (Walter Scharf, also in a lower pitch).
  • On White Christmas, the final notes of the Paramount on Parade fanfare are heard, followed by the sound of a bell.

Availability: Seen on films shown in VistaVision.

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