Vision Park

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Logo description, capture, and video by EnormousRat

Background: Vision Park AB was a Scandivanian game (particularly for Deadline Games) and minor movie DVD publisher. It was one of the companies which merged into PAN Vision in 2001.


Logo: We see a horizontal line and "VISION PARK" written under it. A black and yellow elephant runs full speed towards the logo. While he leaps closely, the name shakes. He stands over the name, moves his head and blows the trumpet.


  • In Project I.G.I., the strange golden-foil model of the elephant walks and blows his trumpet. Then a pattern board emerges and hits the elephant, turning it into the common logo.
  • The logo used on movie DVD's has "VIDEO" below the name.

Technique: The animation of the elephant.


  • Mysterious soundtrack with elephant walking and whistling for Project I.G.I.
  • Elephant leaping sounds with the tribal drumbeats for original version.

Availability: Seen in the Globetrotter series and other games (like Grumpa) and movie releases poorly known outside Nordic region. The different animation appeared in Project I.G.I (at least in demo).

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