Virgin Music Video

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YingYong and WizardDuck

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(Late 1980s)

Logo: We see a V-shaped triangle that looks like a disco ball, with an abstract "M" sitting below, on a black floor with white spots. The triangle then spins down quickly into the "M" piece and when it hits, the resulting rectangle jiggles as if it were made of gelatin. The "V" from the Virgin logo in magenta is drawn over the rectangle, and the words "VIRGIN MUSIC VIDEO" appear separately in a Futura-like font. The logo shines a bit.

Technique: '80s computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A somewhat ominous synth theme with horns when the "V" draws in, and some flutes as the text appears.

Availability: Rare. Appears on music videos of the period, mostly PAL releases, though it was used on some NTSC releases too.

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