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Oy VipVision Finland Ltd or VIP Vision Oy was a Finnish production company founded in 1987. The company produced numerous game shows, entertainment and documentaries, many of which were exclusively made for Kolmoskanava during the company's early days. The most well known programs from the company include game shows, such as Kolmosvisa and Onnenpyörä (Finnish version of Wheel of Fortune), television shows like Hyvät herrat and many live ice hockey events featured in Hockey Night. Later on, the company's programs were aired on MTV3 and Nelonen until 1997, when VipVision was then acquired by Nordisk Film with programs being produced under the name of Nordisk Film&TV since.

1st Logo (1987-1990)

Logo: We see 24 dark turquoise tiles rotating at one place on a gray and black background, as the camera keeps zooming out. Tiles quickly change their rotating direction to turn straight towards the screen, as they form a large tile with square hole in the middle. As this happens, an yellow tile in rotation flies towards the square hole to fill it. As the large tile then moves further away from the screen, we see large, stylized "VipVision" with yellow side texture flying from the left side of the screen, pointing towards the large tile. The logo turns sideways and settles above in front of the large tile, while leaving a shadow to be seen on it.


  • In many programs featured on Kolmoskanava channel, after the logo animation was completed, the closing credits for the program are seen below the complete logo. After few lists of credits have been displayed, the text "KOLMOSKANAVA" and copyright year appear below the logo before the screen fades out. Between 1987 and 1988, the "KOLMOSKANAVA" text and copyright year were stylized and flatter, but "KOLMOSKANAVA" has been then somewhat larger and thicker in-between 1989 and 1990. Three RGB stripes between the text and copyright year had also been lowered due the larger font and the copyright year is about the same size as the "KOLMOSKANAVA". In early episodes of Hyvät Herrat, the "KOLMOSKANAVA" and the copyright year appear in form of thicker and italic font.
  • At the end of Kolmoskanava's live sport broadcasts, we see numerous panels displaying footage from different sport events, moving on right past the screen. One panel showing complete VipVision logo stops at the center and approaches closer to be seen fully on the screen. We have then live event announcers being credited below the logo, followed by "KOLMOSKANAVA", RGB stripes and small copyright year shown regularly.
  • At the end of the children's song contest Tenavatähti aired in 1990, we see briefly the large tile being set on the center of the screen already, while the "VipVision" approaches and settles above the large tile as normally. We then see the editor of the program being credited.

Variant Note: Originally, CGI assets of the logo animation were used for the intro of the game show Kolmosvisa and its separate viewer question segment. Here, we do see the "VipVision" rotating fully while approaching and settling above in front of different looking tile (the logo of the game show).

Technique: CGI tiles and approaching logo itself.

Music/Sounds: Long, bombastic theme, that heavily relies on synth instruments.

Music/Sound Variants:

  • Since 1989, a long but calm synthesized theme was used, that ends up on a high note with last synth note having a strumming sound.
  • Shorter version of the calm theme is also used, that begins with strumming sound and shorter rendition of the build up jingle heard in the original.
  • Alternate, shorter theme is used for the end of live sport broadcasts with four note jingle and strumming sound.

Availability: Extremely rare. Found in company's produced programs from the time period, such as 7. hetki current affairs program and early years of Kolmosvisa game show and Hyvät Herrat satire show. The televised children's song contest Tenavatähti aired in 1990 is also known to feature the logo.

2nd Logo (1990-1995)

Logo: We see all 25 tiles repeating same, smooth movements on a gray-blue and black background, as the camera zooms out further. These tiles then form again into a large one and settles down to the left side of the screen. The "VipVision" is seen curling around, while decreasing down above bright, large tile. It then breaks into smaller tiles again, as they rotate around and combine again into larger one, while settling on to the center of the screen. As this happens, the "VipVision" slowly moves above in front of the large tile, while at the same time, "©Oy VipVision Finland Ltd 1990" copyright text appears below the large tile. This copyright text then disappears right, when the "VipVision" turns to the oblique position and moves towards the screen. The camera goes through the gap above letter "p" and after that, the yellow tile in the center of the large one, breaks away and flies towards the screen, as this makes the screen turn completely black.


  • In regular variant used in 1990, the byline and copyright year are placed little bit right and closer to the bottom side of the large tile, while since 1991, they are being set more in the middle of the bottom of the screen.
  • A separate variant with "©Vip-Sports Ky 1990" byline exists.
  • Usually at the first frame before the logo animation plays out, we get to see list of credited staff of the program (seen in 7. hetki and Karaoke soi!).
  • Many times, the still image of either incomplete or complete logo was used with editor/producer credit usually appearing to the screen. The silent still image could also be placed on a separate smaller panel above the black screen or during the live transmission, as the producer is then credited below the smaller panel.
  • In Hyvät herrat satire show, the smaller panel with logo animation or still image can be seen above the screen with following text "HYVÄT HERRAT on tuotettu Oy Kolmostelevisio Ab:lle" is seen below it.
  • In Onnenpyörä game show, the aspect ratio shrinks and moves again above the screen right when the logo animation begins. We see briefly the producer credit, that is then followed by the stacked text "ONNENPYÖRÄ ON TUOTETTU MTV3-KANAVALLE 1995" below the smaller panel on a black screen.

Variant Trivia: Between 1990 and 1992, all VipVision variants feature short variant of Kolmoskanava's 2nd ID right afterwards.

Technique: Floating CGI tiles and logo itself.

Music/Sounds: Series of decreasing synth keys followed by a short and calm theme.

Music/Sound Variants:

  • Still image variants have either pure silence or audio heard from the show or live transmission.
  • During the final broadcast of Tenavatähti song contest in 1991, the bombastic theme for closing logo of MTV Viihde can be heard.
  • In Onnenpyörä game show, we heard voiceover saying "Onnenpyörä MTV3. Torstaisin, Perjantaisin ja Lauantaisin", while the calm theme is playing.

Availability: Extremely rare.

  • Programs such as 7. hetki and Karaoke soi! had the regular variant being used. The long-running satire series Hyvät herrat has either the regular variant playing its logo animation on a smaller panel above or ones with still image during the end credits. Onnenpyörä game show is also known to feature the regular variant placed on smaller panel.
  • The televised children song contest Tenavatähti between 1991 and 1995 had still image of incomplete or complete logo in regular screen size or on smaller panels above the screen.

Legacy: A quite calm logo until the yellow tile's sudden approaching towards the screen may catch someone off-guard.

3rd Logo (1995-1997)

Logo: On a complex bluish background, we see glowing ball moving right past the center of the screen while making "VipVision" letters pop up. The glowing ball disappears after the last letter is created as letters in an oblique direction circulate into the straight, visible formation. These letters have glowing texture on them, that disappears after three papyrus wraps wipe in from left to right as covering the complex background and giving "VipVision" a blue texture with yellow outlines. As this happens, we can also see following text ("Tämä ohjelma on tuotettu MTV3-KANAVALLE") above and ("Oy VipVision Finland LTD" and copyright year) below the logo. We then see papyrus wraps with the text move right off and the logo leans slightly as it floats over the screen.

Variant: Around 1997, an alternate version of the logo has letters popping up on the light blue background. Instead of papyrus, light metal plates scroll in to cover the light blue background with logo forming a blue texture with yellow outlines. Unlike the original variant, we don't see any text or copyright written on top or bottom parts of the screen. Metal plates then scroll out revealing dark blue background fading to black, while the logo leans and floats over the screen.

Technique: CGI background, the logo with lightning textures, glowing effect creating letters, papyrus wraps wiping in.

Music/Sounds: Two synth notes played constantly until it becomes relaxing and catchy synth theme.

Availability: Extremely rare. Could be spotted during the seventh and last season of Hyvät herrat satire show, Tietopörssi, Onnenpyörä game show and the final broadcast of the children's song contest Tenavatähti aired in 1995. Alternate variant from 1997 is also extremely hard to find as it is spotted at the end of televised concert program Lauran ihmemaa for example.

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