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1st Logo (Early 1980's)

Logo: Just the proper logo fading in, superimposed on a clip of a movie. The logo stands still over 26 seconds as it fades out, while the text "Presenta" fades in & out slowly.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The clip of the movie as shown in the logo.

Availability: This has only appeared on Profecía de un Delito.

2nd Logo (Early 1980's-Mid 1980's)

Logo: We see a load of RGB-blue tinted rectangles zooming out till they form together normally. The rectangle spins in as 2 copies appear fading in one-by-one as we zoom under. We then see a blue-purple space background with the moon, silhouette palm trees, the Hollywood sign on the hills and moving searchlights, all wiped in a squared transition. A glowing tape zooms in, as the words "VIDEOTECHNICS S.A." in a glowish pink style appears and moves from the tape. The names of the American actors appear at the top side of the tape. As soon as it gets to "FRED ASTAIRE", the whole logo fades out, and the text "PRESENTA" zooms in.

Technique: A mix of Scanimation and cel animation.

Music/Sounds: TBA.

Availability: Rare. This logo only appeared on some mid 80's releases.

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