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Archivo RaroVHS


Logo: On a red background, we see a static image of five blue lines that, towards the end of their segments, go up and down before converging again to form a diamond shape, the rest of the segments after the diamond being thicker. Below and to the left is a yellow-green rounded rectangle with the company's initials ("VT") inside, and to the right of it is big, white text reading "VIDEO TIME". After some time, black text reading "PRESENTA" emerges from the bottom-most line and zooms in while flying to above the lines.

Technique: Simple computer animation for the text.

Music/Sounds: An excerpt from "Orient Express" by Jean-Michel Jarre.

Availability: Seen on at least one VHS tape, which is an Argentine release of I Don’t Want to Be Born. It may also be found on Argentine releases of Buio Omega, Retour à Marseille and L’onorata famiglia, which were also distributed by the company in Argentina.

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