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Logo: On a black background, two red vertical bars slide from the top, followed by two green and blue lines, the left side of which are longer than the last. They merge and transform into "VII", followed by the green and blue copies. Afterwards, they combine to form the letters "VT". Following this, the background becomes tan and then we see two close ups of the letters. Zooming out, blue bars expanding in size the further away from the logo are seen on the top and bottom of the screen. Then, the ends of the two letters extend and then the logo shifts to the left, making room for "Video Ter S.A." in a stylized font and "S.A." underneath "r".

Technique: Traditional animation.

Music/Sounds: An excerpt of "Breakthrough" by Mike Vickers.

Availability: It was recently discovered on a Spanish VHS of Goodbye Pork Pie and currently unknown if the company produced more tapes of various movies.

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