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Video Quality was a Spanish video distributor that distributed Espanola Distribuccion de Video Produccion.


Logo: We see a surface of a rocky moon against a space background, as the camera slowely moves to the right. The camera stops moving, causing a bright light appearing below the surface of the moon, which also causes a monolith to slowly rise up from the ground. The text "VIDEO QUALITY" in white appears and zooms away from the monolith and as it stops, a metallic looking border appears around the text. The footage of the moon fades away, leaving the text and border on a black background. It shortly fades away afterwards.

Technique: Live-action, along with the light appearing, the monolith rising, the text zooming, the border appearing and the fading.

Music/Sounds: A synth theme, followed by an explosion sound, a choir sound was heard when "VIDEO QUALITY" appears. This is then followed by a 15 note synth Guitar theme.

Availability: Extremely rare. This appeared on some children tapes such as Hakushon Daimao, and movie tapes such as The Inspector General.

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