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1st Logo (1980s)

Logo: Against a dark blue BG, we see a prism rotate around so that the point faces downward and zoom up. Then, all of a sudden, a large, white, 3D "VPS" (all connected, and with a staticky light blue square inside the "P") zoom up to the prism Four Star-style, and horizontal lines at the tops of the V and S shoot out toward both ends of the screen. This is then followed by "VIDEO" (in white 3D text), "PROGRAMM", "SERVICE" (both in purple), and "ZEIGT" (in white), which means "shows" in German. All the words are in fonts that decrease in size.


  • A closing version exists which directly fades to the same logo, but without the texts. The space background is slightly more darker; The prism is redrawn, the "VPS" is in a more yellow look, with the lateral faces in a more bluish look, and with the shine slightly bigger, and differently animated. The text:
Wir hoffen,
daß Sie sich gut
unterhalten haben

wipes below. It later fades out, as more text:

Fragen Sie
nach dem neuesten


wipes below (sans "VPS", which instantly appears).

  • A different version exists when the "VPS" zooms and settles in, the logo freezes as the texts "FILM", "ENTERTAINMENT" and "ZEIGT" appear one by one in each corresponding size.

Technique: The triangle and zooming words.

Music/Sounds: It starts off with a tense drum beat, followed by five rising horn notes, and a two-note horn fanfare. Some tapes include an announcer, which says: "VPS zeigt ihnen eine auswahl kommender Videohits". This also applies to the "FILM ENTERTAINMENT" variant.

Availability: Found on old German VHS tapes.

2nd Logo (Late '80s)


Logo: On a space BG, we see a prism flip around, glowing several colors. A glass cylinder forms around it, and the letters "VPS" (similar to before, but in yellow) zoom out in a light trail effect onto the prism, which turns to face us, along with the cylinder. Some yellow rays form an outline around the cylinder. Then, the words "VPS VIDEO" are formed below in a shining effect.

Technique: The prism, cylinder, trailing, and shining effects.

Music/Sounds: A tense string sounder that quickly breaks into an upbeat jazz section.

Availability: See above.

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