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Logo: We see "Val" in a yellow script font enclosed inside of a box. This box copies itself to the bottom right of the screen, then to the left from there. In another sequence, "fer" (in the same script font as "Val" trail only to the top right corner of the screen. We then see a multitude of possibly Scanimated lines circling about, with an unrecognizable orange glow in the background. "Valfer" (again, in the same font as before), zooms in towards the viewer. We then see what appears to be two "doors" closing in on each other, which are designed with blue and yellow bold lines arranged in a "hill-like" fashion mirrored on each side (for lack of better explanation), and the black background is wiped through with a white one, which contains the "Valfer" logomark.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A danceable synth theme on the first part. This is interrupted by harsh sounds, including a descending synth, loud slams, with a more quiet synth note, then more slamming sounds and a dramatic crescendo. When the logo is finished, the intro of the song "Don't Cry, It's Only The Rhythm" by Grace Jones plays.

Availability: Seen on tapes released by them.

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