Video Inter Mundo S.A.

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Logo:We start with a big, blue circle that suddenly splits into three pieces and backs away from the screen with no movements. While this is happening, a background consisting of a chyron trail of the animation on a violet color appears with the silhouette close to the camera. The background would quickly change to dark blue at this point where the logo changes colors to pink and the company's name, "VIDEO INTER MUNDO, S.A." appears below the shapes. The chyron trail background returns with it getting smaller as well as another copy of the company's name appearing above the shapes in a turquoise color. When most of the trail background is black, the logo becomes yellow and the background changes to dark blue again before returning to another different trail background, this time one where the camera is a little shaky and the silhouette is very close to the camera. The logo also briefly darkens before the footage switches back to a dark blue background with the logo regaining its vibrancy and "presenta:" fading at the bottom portion of the screen.

Technique: Strange use of chyron effects.

Music/Sounds: A weird set of random, synthesized beeps before a crash that turns into another random set of sounds consisting of such like gurgling. When these sounds relax, more random notes played on a synthesizer and a piano plays.

Availability: Seen on a Spanish tape of Corpi nudi as well as Of Gladiators. This can be spotted by finding their print logo on the VHS cover.

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