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Video Game Videos is another vanity card of Flash animator Max Gilardi (aka Hotdiggedydemon), used exclusively on Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz!, in which the name is connected to Mickey the Dick's workplace, an evil video game comedy corporation.

(February 16-October 20, 2010)

There is slight epilepsy in this logo.

Logo: Over a blue gradient background, a black 8-bit style "V" is seen on the center with the 8-bit text "VIDEO GAME VIDEOS INC." below. An eye opens on the bottom of the "V" (probably representing the corporation's possible relations to the Illuminati). Out of nowhere, a realistic gray-green cat with a furious expression and transparent blood on its face pops up and screams at the viewer, as the background flashes in white and red. The last second has the camera completely taken by the cat's face before we cut to the Hotdiggedydemon logo.

Trivia: The cat's name is "Catzilla", who only appears in the logo and not in the actual Series (save for a promo for the final episode[1], which never got made).

Variant: On the episode "Mickey's Rebuttal", Mickey's head appears on Catzilla's body.

Technique: A mix of Flash animation and Photoshop.

Music/Sounds: A brief, menacing synth note once the eye opens, then we hear Catzilla's maniacal, breathy scream. On "Mickey's Rebuttal", we hear Mickey imitating Catzilla's scream as "SCRAAAAAAAAAAAAA".

Availability: Seen after all episodes of the web series Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz!.

Legacy: The eye on the "V" and Catzilla's appearance would certainly freak out newcomers.

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