Video Cadena 3

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Logo: On a dark, moving space background, the chyroned text "VC3" is seen taking up the bottom half of the screen and changing colors in a ROYGBIV order, stopping at blue. When it becomes blue, the white text "presenta" appears on top. The background continues to zoom into deep space until the screen cuts to black.

Technique: Typical 80's computer effects.

Music/Sounds: An ominous science-fiction ambience sound with several triangle-like notes and an ascending warbling synth. When the word "presenta" appears, a loud and dramatic synth sting plays.

Availability: Near extinction, it was recently discovered on an old VHS of Jane, mi pequeña salvaje and might possibly appear on a few more tapes from Spain. However, considering the very little info regarding the company, it is unknown how active they were during this period or what particular genres they distributed on home media.

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