Video 2000

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Mister Suitcase

(Late 1980s)

Video 2000 (Israel, 1980s).png

Logo: We see the word "וידאו (English: Video)" & the number "2000" making an X shape with chrome behind. It cuts twice showing the "X" chrome in different ways. We then cut three times to the same "X", but in a different color & chroming in various ways after each cut. We then see the text again, but this time in green and not making an X shape. We again cut to the text in different colors & chromes. We see the "X" again in green & cuts back to "2000 וידאו" again.

Technique: Video feedback effects.

Music/Sounds: An excerpt of "Wow" by Andre Gagnon.

Availability: Unknown. The films they distributed on home media are currently unspecified.

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