Vestron Video International

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Descriptions by
Logoboy95, indycar and Jesse Coffey

Captures by
V of Doom and Pygmalion X

Editions by
indycar and Jesse Coffey

Video captures courtesy of
lemonsters08 and Stephen Cezar


Vestron Video International was formed in 1982 by Vestron Video as a vehicle for international releases of titles it had acquired for distribution. Headquartered in the Netherlands, where it owned a manufacturing facility that served primarily European countries, it owned branches in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, Mexico and many other countries, and was the second-largest international video distributor after Warner Home Video. It would later acquire the Locus Video Group and Interaccess Film Distribution, both of which would serve as international distribution arms for Vestron. The international assets were broken off and sold to various companies in the period following Vestron's acquisition by LIVE Entertainment. Its United Kingdom assets in particular became property of ITV franchise holder HTV, and were reorganized as First Independent Films.

1st Logo (1986)

Logo: On a black-to-blue background, we see a spinning, rainbow-colored, version of the Circle V logo with the stacked "VESTRON VIDEO INTERNATIONAL" text below it. There are a series of stars that zoom toward us throughout.

Technique: The "V" spinning, the stars flying.

Music/Sounds: A synth tune, accompanied by an announcer saying "Vestron Video welcome you to an exclusive preview of their releases for the second half of 1986. Six great films that will mean great business for you, and great entertainment for your customers."

Availability: Extinct. Was found on a sales tape.

2nd Logo (1987-1991)

Logo: Same as the 1986 Vestron Video logo, except the word "INTERNATIONAL" is added under "VESTRON VIDEO".


  • On releases from Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, "INTERNATIONAL" is replaced with "ESPAÑOL".
  • Another version has a violet Circle-V.

Technique: Same as the 1986 Vestron Pictures logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1986 Vestron Pictures logo.

Availability: Rare. This international version of the logo can be seen only on PAL versions of Vestron Video VHS tapes. This logo can be seen on NTSC tapes from (at least) Canada, Mexico, Brazil or Japan and SECAM tapes from France or Russia. The "ESPAÑOL" variant has been spotted on a Spanish-subtitled cassette of Into the Fire (also known as The Legend of Wolf Lodge). The "ESPAÑOL" variant was also, according to a YouTube comment, seen on a 2005 Spanish-dubbed TeleFutura airing of the 1986 film Salvador before the Hemdale logo (possibly because TeleFutura used the Spanish VHS's master).

Legacy: Same as the 1986 Vestron Video logo.

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