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Gilby1385, Chris L.


Vektor Multimedia was a British video game developer. It's only known for two Muzzy PC games co-produced with BBC.


Logo: On a black background, we see two rectangles turning to face us, one blue and one red. The word "v e k t o r" is on the blue rectangle and "multimedia" is on the red rectangle. Once the logo stops turning, the word "present" drops down letter-by-letter. The logo shares the screen with the BBC logo at the time.


  • Reprints of previous Muzzy games, have a white box with the 1997 BBC logo fading in. The animation is slower.
  • In the files of said games, the IBM logo is seen next to the two logos.
  • There's an unused and standalone variant. A green light changes colors and shines on the "vektor" text as it passes from right to left, before the text flashes while facing upward. It then turns to face us, and the blue rectangle fades in. Red squares appear and form the "multimedia" rectangle, albeit with a white gradient.

Technique: The logo turning.

Music/Sounds: A peaceful space tune.

Availability: Extremely rare. Seen on Muzzy at the Seaside and Muzzy at the Disco. It's unknown what other games Vektor produced.

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