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1st logo (1940-1953)

Variety Film (1940-1953).jpg


2nd Logo (1953-1970s)

Logo: Against a black space background, two lights converge and collide, causing a red rectangle and a red triangle to appear. The red turns gold, and five black stars appear within the rectangle and one star at the bottom of the triangle. The stars become gold with black outlines. "VARIETY" appears in a chiseled gold font between the rectangle and the triangle, letter by letter. "FILM" fades in within the triangle. To the right, Presenta writes itself in, in a white script font.

Technique: The lights, the company name's appearance, and the writing in of Presenta.

Music/Sounds: A flourish held throughout, a rising glockenspiel tune, and the sounding of a bell.

Availability: Appears on Seven Blood-Stained Orchids as released on home video in Italy.

3rd Logo (1970s-1990)

Variety Film (1970's-1990's).jpg

Logo: Against a blue space background, a white light shines in the center of the screen a few times before a red triangle spins in. A light streaks above it and causes a red rectangle to appear. Between the rectangle and triangle, a dark blue trapezoid appears, VARIETY appears in gold within the trapezoid, and FILM appears in gold within the triangle. Five stars appear one by one inside the rectangle, then from the top of the screen a sixth star streaks to the bottom of the triangle. PRESENTA appears in white next to the finished product.

Technique: The light shining, the triangle zooming in and spinning, the light streaking, and the animation (or lack thereof) of the stars.

Music/Sounds: A twinkle, followed by a series of five rising notes and a synthesized tune.

Availability: Seen on The Last Shark and also presumably on old Italian prints of Trap Them and Kill Them and Zombi 2. Also seen on Grunt! la clava è uguale.

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