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The VTech Socrates is an 8-bit edutainment game console released in 1988 and manufactured by Hong Kong-based company VTech. The console features a robot mascot named Socrates, titled after the philosopher. The console was discontinued in the early 1990s.


VTech Socrates (1988).png

Logo: The logo begins by various star shapes in different colors swiping circularly over a black screen. The steel head of a robotic mascot, Socrates, then appears near the left as the other elements appear and assemble: a green/yellow torso, including some electronic parts consisting it, a belt surface, and the arms. The eye borders on the head have a yellow color and the arms have a glossy look. Then "SOCRATES" in a steel blue/orange gradient rises up at the top of the screen, and as it stops Socrates' face changes into a smiling one and it spins. After raising its head, the text "LET'S LEARN AND PLAY TOGETHER!" wipes in next to Socrates. The screen stays that way before the logo ends by wiping up.

Technique: The items appearing, "SOCRATES" rising up and the mascot's animation.

Music/Sounds: An 8-bit square theme beginning with a basic arpeggio sequence, following by rising notes when Socrates forms. Another theme is played while the rest plays, in a somewhat jumbled fashion.

Availability: Extremely rare; seen when booting up a VTech Socrates console. With the console being phased out only a few years after launch and having a low market performance it is rare to find a working Socrates system these days, although your main chance is to look for online markets.

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