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VH1 Films was the film production division of VH1, which was currently owned by Viacom until it merged with CBS Corporation to become ViacomCBS (now Paramount Global) in 2019. Current and future VH1 movies are currently produced by MTV Entertainment Studios.

1st Logo (September 28, 2001)

Logo: On a white background we see pulsing circles quickly zooming in, which pans left and shines to form the 1994-1998 VH1 channel logo with "Music First" (its slogan from 1994-2003) under it. Next to it we see the word "FILMS" in a narrow upper-case font, fading in next to the logo.

Technique: The pulsing circles, the shining of the VH1 logo and the "FILMS" text fading in.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Only seen on Zoolander.

2nd Logo (November 4, 2006)

Logo: We move across a body of water at sunset and stop upon an island where a giant 2003-2013 VH1 Network logo (without its cube) with the text "FILMS" next to it is shown. A human figure walks up stairs and opens a small door in the logo (where a blue light is beaming) and walks there.

Technique: Great animation.

Music/Sounds: A somber organ/piano tune, changing to disco music when the door opens, then back. After the door closes, there is a brief orchestral flourish that sounds similar to the 1999 Warner Bros. Pictures logo theme.

Availability: Appeared exclusively on Totally Awesome.

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