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Descriptions by
mr3urious, Eric S., Nova and others

Captures by

Editions by
Henrynguye5, IlCattivo25

Video captures courtesy of
DudeThatLogo, Fry Letterman, The AVTB Archives, LogicSmash, VectraQS and TLMA


VCI Entertainment (originally Video Communications, Inc., also known as United Home Video briefly in the 1980's) is an American home video company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, founded in 1976 by Bill Blair (1930-2006). It was an offshoot of Blair's 16mm distribution company United Films. Today, VCI is part of the MVD Entertainment Group fold.



Logo: We fade in to see a cinema in a city, the text: NOW SHOWING, is on a marquee, the text on the bottom of the marquee depends on what movie is playing, we go inside the cinema, where we see a fancy lobby, with a picture on the top of the stairs, we go to a room, where there is an empty theater, with lights off, the camera zooms into a seat to point at where the screen is, the screen shines, ripples, and summons the VCI logo, which flies around the theater, and then shines, then we see a shining background, with the text: “Celebrating Classic Movies” in a fancy font, the VCI logo sets on top of the text, and after a few seconds, the URL fades in on a black background.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic drumbeat for the first half, followed by mystical music when the VCI logo appears.

Availability: Common, normally found on VCI's DVDs at the time.

VCI Home Video
VCI Entertainment
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